What's a crankflip?

How many people did I make mad when they saw this? Come on, come on, be honest.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Before they saw it was I that started it.

well I wasn’t really “mad”. I just thought it was someone who dosen’t pay attention to the forum, or someone who was really new to unicycling but then when I saw it was you and I was all like “wtf mate” but now its all good

clap clap

well done that got me going a bit then

use the search feature

haha it got me

A waste of time for everyone except the person doing it, just like this thread?

thats not right. if you don’t know what a crank flip is then noone needs to know what they are and just do them

A crankflip is a type of misleading thread title?

Haha, that’s funny. Yep it’s whatever you want it to be. ha. It’s good to see that some of you have sense-of-humors that’s awesome. If you feel you wasted your time, don’t reply (you’ld be wasting more of your time) but then again, isn’t being on these threads a waste of time anyway (for those that think this is a waste of time)? I see many pointless threads come on here all the time, i figured I would join, hopefully make some of you laugh. I love humor.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. A crankflip is when the uni spins under you right?

Lol, I first saw it and though “another crankflip thread…” then I read who posted it and just started to laugh.

You got me.:o

I always thought it was when you take the cranks off and flip them over, then reattach them 180 degrees from their first location. I guess that’s why I can only do them once a month.

That’s really funny. I liked that. haha

-Shaun Johanneson

what about if someone wanted to know what a crankflip was, searched it and found this. it wouldnt be very helpful…

oh well you got me. i didnt get mad at all though.

its pretty funny. good one

I just thought that ity was wierd for the “man” of crankflips to start a thread like this

haha … I think that someone didn’t read anything … and just advocated the ever-annoying LETS USE THE SEARCH!! ploy … then left

…you had me for a second … then I clicked on it … and saw who started it :stuck_out_tongue: good one :slight_smile:

lol, thanks for being good sports, i hate being fooled but i’ll admit it when i am. So it’s all good hopefully. I think Brian M was kiddin, but I really don’ tknow, lol. hmmm.

-Shaun Johanneson


I kid, I kid

shaun a crankflip is what you wish you could do as good as me… :stuck_out_tongue:

auch… just auch

WTF, just WTF?