whats a crank flip?

is a crank flip when you jump in the air while riding and keep pedeling in the air?


A crank flip is when you jump in the air, take you feet off the pedals but have the pedals keep spinning.

I thaught this was Shaun Johanneson when I first read the title… lol

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Thats what i thought then I saw it wasn’t Shaun

A crankflip is nothing, don’t worry about it. It’s all in your mind. Last time I checked it was something you bought at the store next to the milk and eggs. hmmm.

-Shaun Johanneson

so you are Shaun Johanneson and you ask what is a crank flip alot here or something?

Well I did it as a joke because after all the stuff on here is about crankflips I really didn’t think that someone would ever ask that question again.

-Shaun Johanneson

Kinda, he just wishes he could crank flip and stuff…lol…How do you have 337 post?

what do you mean how do I? I did it by posting 337 :smiley:

A crankflip is a dangerous type of drug. When used occasionally it can improve one’s street style. When used too often it will overtake any other tricks one has learned, leaving them only with the ability to crankflip.

The message here is simple: JUST SAY NO to crankflips!


That callout vid had a lot of old school street in it. I did that vid in only 3 hours of filming in two spots across the street from one another. I found it easy to drop to stall, and twist to stall though I never worked on it, as well as some of the other tricks. I believe because it was from all the experience of new school riding then dropping back to old school made for an easy ride. As far as the just say no. Sorry I aged them so much, but at least now there’s a variety to persuade any onlookers to unicycling.

-Shaun Johanneson

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