Whatchya guys think?

I just spend about 45minutes working on my 3d uni today, and finished the cranks and pedals, what you all think?

That’s one of the better CG Uni I’ve seen. Is that modeled on a particulate unicycle?

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That sure is a wide rim. :slight_smile:

It’s a Surly “Large Marge” rim! :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks very good. The cranks look like profiles, and so does the hub. The pedals kinda look like…snafus?

The best point is the 3 cross spoke pattern

It is beautiful!

YOU GUYS ARE RIGHT! The rim is wide, i’ll narrow it.

I like it no matter what since i have no idea how to do that

I made a ‘negative image’ and it is now my desktop wallpaper.

we should have some kinda competition when people compete for the best designed uni and then have some kinda prize

I like that idea

give the white bits more spec. they look like plastic imo :slight_smile:
and were the spokes connects to the hub looks lil’l small…


thats a nice uni and a fat rim. But what program is dat dat you are usin ta make dees tings?

I’ll offer up a free registration to the UniCalc software.

Not a huge prize, but…

Best CGI is different from best design. And noone will ever agree on best design, since people ahve different preferences. Real designs for real uni’s are generally drawn in vectorworks or AutoCAD, neither of which are accessible to the general public (AutoCAD is a $700+USD program, at least), which would kill any competition. Also, uni designs are almost always drawn 2D when it all comes down to the actual plans for the shop.

A couple of years ago I had some extra time on my hands and so I started playing around with POV-RAY. It’s a free ray-tracing program that I’d used many years ago.

Anyway, you can see the results of about a week of playing around with it at http://gallery.unicyclist.com/pov-ray/unicycle4b_full

Most of the other pictures in that album are variations on the same design.


Narrow the rim and I think it would look more realistic if the tire was made taller. That’s if you’re going for a luna or creepycrawler look.

Looks good!:slight_smile:

This was done in 3d studio max. A 4,000 dollar program, if its digital its available to the public, you just need to know how to get it. I halso have Auto Cad. I’ve done alot of updates to my Uni though, I’ll post them latter once i’ve finished the frame.

After looking at my KH trials, I noticed that the rim looks bigger than my mind though it would in the perspective. The width may be correct that you have done. The trick lies in shaping the rim, now it seems flat.

The tire still needs to be about double the thickness.

Post up modified drawings when you get the chance.

I’ve never heard of 3d studio max before. who makes it cause it looks like it does a good job at 3d modeling.