cmon make some money and buy your own new uni,damn these people crack me up,they say I only have this much money and can someone sell me an expensive uni for half price?really cmon,i paid 360 for my 20 inch and 380 for my 24inch,because i can afford it because i have a job that i show up at everyday and work my ass off,if you want a high dollar uni cheap your not gonna get it,get a job,work everyday save some money and yes you to can have the stuff you want,stop asking for nice stuff cheap cause you dont have enough money.ahgggg just venting

I noticed some of the above was in english, so I tried to read it but it didn’t really help :frowning:

Perhaps you should become a TEFL tutor :smiley:

You make a good point but this is in the wrong section

The thing is, many of these people are under legal working age, many of these people are interested in unicycling but have other funds to take care of first, many people if they worked any more they wouldn’t even have time for unicycling, and many people would like nice unicycles, but they simply aren’t worth it to them for their retail price, and they will not be purchasing any unicycles because their want for it and the sacrifice that the retail price would cause them just doesn’t balance out for them.

It is ignorant to assume that everybody is just like you, and has just the same values as you, and just the same responsibilities. We are born into different situations. We can make the choice to work towards another situation, but some are born much much more far off than others, and it would be significantly harder for them.


Nope… Thats crap. If you want something, work for it. Thats how the world “works”. See? ha Ha, it’s even in out language. Get a lawn mowing job. Wash windows. Wash cars. Paper route. Hundreds of ways to make cash to GET the thingsd that are important to you. If parents gave you a new uni, and someone stole it, so they gave you another, it would not have the same value as if you worked ALL summer to get one, and finally got it before the first snowfall. Is that the fun, easy way? NO… but I’ll bet it wouldnt get left out in the rain or stolen either…It wouldnt hardly leave your sight. Most ALL good things in life are worked for, including talent. If everyone could do all tricks easily, it would be boring, and no point in doing em. Hard work makes the payoffs in life worth having. Not everybodys situation is the same, but the constant is… Hard work pays off.

Some people might have a love for the unicycle, but because they foresee increased financial expenditure in their future, primarily for educational purposes, and since they are of a frugal mindset, they are unwilling to spend lots of money on what is not as important in their life at the moment.

In other words, they are saving up for college.


Sounds right.

People want cheap uni’s and sellers want the money they put in.

But there is nothing wrong with trying to get things at the price that you are willing to pay. Work for it or not, some things people think are worth working for, and some things people think are not worth working for, and some things people think are not worth working a lot for. Should you work hard for everything you want in the slightest bit? Absolutely not. Many of the things that one would want are either unachievable, or simply not worth the effort it would take to work for them. Nothing wrong with trying to get things at how much you think they are worth.

If parents gave you a new uni, and someone stole it, so they gave you another, it would not have the same value as if you worked ALL summer to get one, and finally got it before the first snowfall. QUOTE]

Yes it would.

my thoughts

I’ll say this get the best you can afford, and used is good if the price and condition is right. If you want a 400.00 uni and only have 200 to spend, maybe something used will be half price, it might have a scratch or scrape, but your getting quality for half the price. I would never pay much more than half current retail for something used, I have to save alot to make me want to buy used over new. I look for used stuff though, I’m far from rich, and still want the best stuff I can get. I sometimes buy lower end stuff super cheap, use it or just sell it and just keep upgrading untill I get what I originally wanted, if I can’t afford it. Other times I’ll buy parts and eventually I’ll get what I wanted, like I’m doing for the van I’m building, I just picked up a balanced forged piston shortblock with zero miles for less than the pistons cost, I saved about 1000.00 and I got what I wanted, I just need a few more parts and i’ll have a 12 second minivan by june. I do a lot of wheeling and dealing. Some times people think there stuff is worth more than it is, for example a transmission for my other van was dying, a guy had one for sale that was rebuilt 3 years ago and had 40,000 miles on it since rebuilt, the trans shop charged him 1200 with labor and parts. All he has is a used trans, its not a fresh rebuild, and labor putting it in and out of his car isn’t part of the transmissions value. I offered him 150.00 he wants 600.00 Its been a year and its still on craigslist. I could have a guy rebuild mine and put it in for 600-700. When things are used they drop in price alot, nobody is going to buy used to only save a few dollars and possibly have to pay shipping too.

thats my thoughts on this, my only gripeis when people want stuff but don’t have money and they string you along, If you can’t afford it don’t pretend you can.

Maybe call unicef for a unicycle? Being serious, I think he has a problem with people just wanting to get something for nothing is a trading forum which is kind of stupid. I can see being new and not knowing the price, but wanting a kh for 100$ and making a thread for it is ridiculous. (Crazy example)

If you want something in the slightest bit why are you going to get the best? The person obviously isn’t all that devoted/interested so what is the point in having a kh other than wanting the name, which is stupid. Buying the best unicycle money can buy to fullful something you only care slightly about…stupid.

If you don’t think it’s worth working for there is not a reason for you to have the best uni money can buy for dirt cheap. You can try and get things for what you seem them as being worth, but don’t waste it on a forum trading board.

If you want the best unicycle money can buy, you should be willing to put in some hardwork, if not maybe think about why you want to unicycle and why you want kh.

I’ll take that as a joke, but if you were not.

That’s ridiculous. You’ve had to work for some of your money, and have to have been giving some. Maybe you’ve never had a shit job? I don’t know. But when you spend your summer jumping in dumpsters getting covered in shit, literally sometimes, you appreciate the money a lot more than somebody just handing it to you.


I didnt mean to offend any one,just tired of these post asking for stuff cheap,one post ask for moments cheap,I have 2 pair,i paid 89.00 for each pair,one post asked for kh frame cheap,cmon,the best stuff cost money is all im tryin to say,thanks for all the support,I rode today,it was awesome,even with the rain we got.

You know, I think that actually, after I got my job, I began appreciating money a lot less. The thing is, when I didn’t have a job, money was very hard to come by for me, and I only had a small allowance and I would mow the lawn from time to time. As soon as I got a job, I began making a significant amount more of money, so it started being less painful to spend, and less painful to lose something that I bought with it. If something was just given to me, it would generally be worth to me a whole lot more, since I was only given things rarely, when comparing to the amount of things I was getting after I had a job.

But nowadays, I think that whether I am simply given something or if I use my money that I worked for to get it, it has just about the same amount of value. When I simply get something, I know that if I break or misplace it, I will either have to once again live without it (which is generally harder to do than it was before I had it), or I will have to pay for a new one, so as long as whatever it is is of some use to me I will take just as good of care of it. It also has a sort of “this is what I got for my birthday” feel to it, if you know what I mean, like someone cared enough about me and got this for me, or I got this on this occasion and this reminds me of this occasion. If I buy something with my own money, it will not remind me of how nice someone else is, and it will not remind me of any happy occasion, it will just kinda be there. Of course, more sacrifice went into whatever I had purchased, which is a good argument on your part, but it sort of ends up balancing out in the end to be of about the same value, whether I worked for it or not.

Also, if I was to just get something by mere chance, like for no particular reason, from someone who i didn’t know. Maybe if I found something or something like that without working for it, it would also have value in that it would just remind me of how randomly lucky I was to find it that day or whatever.

But then, if someone is just used to getting very many things for free, just a complete spoiled brat or something, then of course they will not hold their possessions in very high value.

Maybe you’ve never had a terrible job you hate everyday. You’ve probably never had to put up with working with family, especially as your boss, a guy screaming all day long about how he has sex with your mom and she loves riding him, deal with stupid spoiled college girls with daddy’s money, jump in a stinking dumpster, work 13hrs a day and come home so tired you call asleep on the floor, be told your going to get fired constantly even though it is not your fault, have to baby other lazy workers and pick up their slack and shit tons and tons and tons of shit for it being screamed at so loud you can here it all the way at the 3rd floor when the person is yelling at the 1st floor, not having the supplies you need and catching even more shit even though it is not your fault, being given dumb shit deadlines that are never realistic and only based on quick promises, but since your the low man you catch shit for it even though you had nothing to do with it, working your ass off for 10hours to meet the deadline then catching shit for not and being told you were being a lazy asshole and they could have done it so much faster which is a lie, carry thousands of pounds each day to a dumpster with some dumb shit who fills the trashcans so heavy your about to get a hernia, but tough guy can handle it so what the hell ever, getting blamed for everything that goes missing even if you were not at that building, have some retards cut insulation foam with damn circular saw and making a fine dust of fiber glass on the top of a roof which you have to kneel down on and spend all day on in the hot mid day sun with no shade… Work like that for 3months and you’ll love every dollar you get. You’ll love it. Making sandwiches not so much.

My summer job wasn’t horrible, but I had to put up with that everyday.

Forgot to add listening to dumbshit retards talk about politics, when their heads are so firmly jammed up there ass they can’t even calm down and smell the roses. Riding around in a Van listening to your boss screaming on the phone and when he isn’t you get to listen to that retard Rush Limshit. Then you get a recap on your way home, when your eating dinner and the next morning before the next show starts. Being told the most asinine things you’ve ever heard like the holocaust was a fake and jews should die. (I come from a jewish family partly)

I did have an alright time, had some fun, made good money and met some really funny guys, but it’s not the kind of job you wake up and are happy to go to.

I don’t know if you have read them, but I made posts on how I would sleep at work and bullshit with the other fellows I worked with… that is because all the above, I didn’t catch shit for being a bad employee, they made me one. I’m not going to break my back and put up with retarded shit then get screamed at for doing nothing when I worked my ass off. When I get treaty like shit, I act like shit. Stupid is as stupid dose.

The use of shit and retard are the only way to capture the emotions and feeling of this company, honestly.

When you work like that you love money.

Well I never had a job that bad, but I see what you mean. The job I JUST had at a party supply store was kind of like that. The key word is JUST. My boss just took me off the schedule so I’m basically fired :angry: He says it’s because the economy is really bad and they are getting no business. This pisses me off though. There would be other people there that would come to work high, not show up, or just be plain lazy and they are still working. I actually tried when I was there. I would wipe down all the shelves which were filthy, mop and sweep the store, move and fill the helium tanks, take out the trash, break down the cardboard, and do all the gruntwork. I did this only to take crap from the boss for other people gumming up the works. I don’t think I deserved this and now that I think about it it seems to make no sense since I was the one who would try. Oh well, now I have more time to go on rides. :roll_eyes:

I like my job.

I think that if anyone hates there job SO MUCH, they should not work there. Having to go through that is just not worth any amount of money to me. I would rather live in a tent than have a job that i despise, no joke.

I just don’t understand why people work their whole lives, suffer their whole lives, and end up not having much time to spend enjoying their earnings. You can say it’s to support the family. You know what, people who would not be able to get a good enough job that will pay them enough so that they could afford spending time at home should just flat out not have children. It’s a shame that we live in a society where it’s expected to have kids. It shouldn’t be expected. Only those who WILL be good parents should have kids. Nowadays we are overpopulated with millions of people who were never raised right, and that seems to be the cause of much of the evil in this world. There are too many people out there who do nothing but work and sleep, and fool themselves that it’s so that they will be able to enjoy all their earnings. They don’t have time to enjoy their earnings until they retire. Life shouldn’t begin at 60.

Work harder and it will pay off? True to a certain extent, but working harder is just not worth it when there is no time to enjoy the pay. People should get their head out their a*ses and stop being so materialistic.

Its not a joke. Ive had horrible jobs since I was 5 and have been working ever since then. I know and lived the blood, sweat, and tears of hard work.

Fact is, I dont care what gratification you and other get from materials. For me, the end result is, no matter how I got something, I got it. Im happy I got it. Rather I work for years like I have to paid things off before, or got a sweet christmas present like I have before, its all the same, and im going to use the stuff and be happy about it in the same manner.

Like my studio. I built and paid for all of it on my own. Im happy with it, I love it. If someone just gave it all to me, id still be happy and love it.

Actually, I think the things I get for free I appreciate more than stuff I work for. Something someone gives me has more meaning. Someone has to go out of their way to make me happy and to do something nice. An item from them is something to be special about. Something I work for, well, thats nothing, cause thats just how it is, thats how life is. Work, get what you want, need and so on. Theres nothing special about that really, and I get no special feeling towards something so normal in life.

Sorry to chime in, but I have often felt the same way about this forum. One thread says…

Wanted - Cheap learner uni and two threads abovethe thread is

For Sale - Cheap learner uni. Guy A wants to pay $20.00 which is rediculous, Guy B wants to sell for $60.00 which is friggin reasonable. Guy a starts another thread saying Wanted - Cheap learner Uni under $60.00.

Insulting to the dude trying to sell for $60.00. Others that freak me out are threads that totally oppose each other.

For Sale - 36’er $175.00 the 2 lines down
Wanted - 36’er - open this one up and it says I want a Blue and Pink 36’er that I can pick-up locally and don’t want to pay more than $100.00.

It’s frustrating. We live in a society of kids who have pretty much gotten anything they want, whenever they want and then someone starts a thread looking for cheap used Uni’s for an organization that uses them to teach underpriviledged children to Uni and NO one responds.

Just my .02c