what you missed, by not oing to Scarborough (UK)

The 1st Scarborough juggling and unicycle convention was overall a really good laugh.

Big hall to practice in and plenty of space.
Roland got his new bc wheel
Roland getting grumpy 'cause his fiance is better on the bc wheel then him.
Le Mans start to the UniHockey game.
Unicus teaching me how to do a proper handstand.
Awesome downhill course Muni ride.
watching udc rodger complete half the course with out a sadle (seatpost snapped). then riding 2/3 up the course with still without anything to sit on!
watching one of the downhill mtb DUDES lauch off a big ramp, lay the bike over nicely mid air and land before managing to straighten up, nice loud, spectacular crash with zero injuries or damage to the stupidly expensive bike.
beers in a nice local pub.
Very funny show, compered by Maynard Flip Flap.
great ride on Sunday on the coast, went from Filey Brigg
to Filey bay and went in the sea on the uni which was great.

Not quite so great moments, but still fondly remembered:
sleeping in a tent in the shadow of the McCain chip factory that operates 24/7 VERY noisily with crashing deliveries though out the night, and a very eerie tonful whistling every now and again…
unicus broke his seat post too.
Sarah being a wuss and not joining in the beach ride on sunday
broke my camera on a large rock
anoying kids swearing at everything
steve grangers amusing ability to take photos 3 seconds after you’ve made Muni look aggressivly graceful.
the five goals on the hockey pitch
loads of sand on the astroturf hockey pitch???

All in all a great weekend, i’m sure we’ll all be going again next year.

if i manage to get photos off my camera i’ll put them online for ya


Some people stand in the darkness
Afraid to step into the light
Some people need to help somebody
When the edge of surrender’s in sight…

Yes it was a good weekend. I enjoyed it, especially the 2 Muni rides. If you’re near the downhill at Wykeham Forest go and ride it, it’s great. Fortunately my seat post broke just before Andy went for the sea run…ahem…I mean unfortunately. No actually I’ve ridden in the sea before and it is fun even if you do look a bit stranger than normal (that’s unicycle normal).

I ordered a new seat post from UDC yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning, thanks Roger and have you got yours sorted yet?

Re: what you missed, by not oing to Scarborough (UK)

andyparry wrote:

> Highlights:

> Roland got his new bc wheel
> Roland getting grumpy 'cause his fiance is better on the bc wheel then
> him.

Well he should bring it along to hockey, I’m sure he’d improve quickly
that way. He’d probably not fall off any more than usual… :slight_smile:

> All in all a great weekend, i’m sure we’ll all be going again next
> year.

It certainly sounds it. I hope I’ll be in a fit state to go next year!



Top review Andy - I feel you underestimated the noise of the chip factory and didn’t really capture the true pain of the chip experience.

Steve G’s efforts at photography will be a joy to see I think that it would be tricky to say that they we’re even taken on a Muni ride.
Filey Brigg is absolutely fantastic - very nice trailsy muni good grip drops hops it had it all definitely got to go again.

Lots of tips from people has helped my wheel walking and one footed a lot.

I shall be taking the BC wheel to hockey as indeed I do have to get better than sarah and based on current progress that may well take me some time. So it should be there at hockey and what better way to test whether you hand is really fixed. Roll on Scarborough next year and don’t buy mccains in the meantime

Top convention. :smiley:

Yes good review, thanks Andy.

Other great moments for me:
The down hill guys going mental at me just riding… that was nice of them.
Sneaking off the excellent pub and getting back to the show late and finding that they have lost the light switch so it had not started. :slight_smile:

Not fixed my poor CF Mk2 uni that seatpost broke… I am not used the breaking things. I need to do some shuffling of parts about. But it should not be a problem to fix. :slight_smile: