What you can do in Saskatchewan

When my friends found out that I visited Saskatchewan they laughed until I
showed them the pictures and told them how much I saved. And I did not have far
to journey because my friends and I hang out in the capital, a compassionate
city of about 175 thousand neighborly people called Regina. In fact Regina has
the distinction of being the sunniest capital city in Canada.

My friends and I would like to provide you and your friends with information on
what to do and see when in Saskatchewan. Just for people like you who enjoy an
adventure, my friends and I are writing a newsletter about things to do and see
in Saskatchewan. So, when you and your family or friends decide to take the
journey you will not miss out on anything because you did not know. In fact we
can tell you about the best there is to do or see we can alert you to savings
that ordinary tourists will never find.

Just send us an e-mail and you will start getting your free information about
travel in Saskatchewan. Let us know what you like to do. I can not promise that
we will customize your information, after all this is a free service from your
new friends in Regina. One million people came to explore Saskatchewan last year
and only the smart travelers like you made the effort to find information about
thier destination. Now the only efforet you have to make is to subscribe to your
free copy of Traveling Saskatchewan. Do not miss anything, do it today.

Gary Weisbrodt verngenoway@sasknet.sk.ca