What year Nimbus?

I just bought a “used” 26" Nimbus. It’s so pristine it’s hard to call it “used”.
How can I tell what year it is?

It had a square tapered hub that says “Unicycle.com CroMo hub”
Cranks arms are 152mm and say MBX on them.
The rim says 6000 Series alloy 559x27mm SunRims Rhyno Lite.
The tire is a Bontrager Jones ACX-B
The seatpost looks very stock.
The seat is a Kris Holm Fusion Street.
No brake mounts.
The owner removed most of the decals.

I clearly hasn’t been ridden much. No wear marks or blemishes.

What year is it? And how much did it used to cost?

I’d look at the seat base and see when that was made. It won’t be perfect, but it’ll give you an idea of when the uni was probably manufactured, assuming it’s the original seat.

Look on the bottom of the seat, about halfway between the seatpost and where the back bumper bolts on. There should be a pair of indentations with a series of numbers with arrows pointing to one of them. These will give you the month and year that the seat base was made.

The hub is 2007 i guess (i have the same on my freestyle). Its a quite strong hub, i did a few 70cm drops with it.

For me the uni looks quite custom.

I have a set of Torker LX cranks in the same length that look similar to yours and are also marked MBX.

He said in his description that the seat was a KH seat so I don’t think the correct info would be there.

The seat date is July 2006.
It may have ordered with the unicycle.

I’m surprised there isn’t a serial number on the frame. Or is there?

What year did the Nimbus start coming with an ISIS hub?

I don’t think this will help much but…I think Nimbus started putting ISIS on in 07 I don’t think they were in 06 so possibly it’s an 06? But I’m sure someone more knowledgeable can give you more accurate info.
Nice uni!

Whatever the base Nimbus Muni price is now, that’s about what this muni cost when it was new. As I recall, when they implemented the new ISIS hub the price stayed nearly the same as it had been previously–in the US$250-290 ballpark.

The cranks and hub aren’t as beefy as the ISIS/KH Moment setup most people now get on Nimbus munis, but they’re pretty stout and will put up with most normal (not too extreme) muni terrain just fine. If you’re a finesse rider who weighs less than 175 lbs, it’ll probably last you a long time.