What would YOU offer for this uni

Hey guys

I am thinking about selling my KH 05 but I want to first see what you guys think a fair price would be

heres the specs

fairly new Creepy crawler tire
onza cranks(stock)
primo pedals
blue nimbus hi-top saddle
the frame has a couple scratches on it and the cranks have a good amount of scratches on the bottom from crank grabs but the top looks fine
everything else is stock

Hawo XCcrev, this maybe a more appropriate place to ask. As for me, you seem to have alot of nice stuff on your KH 05 machine. Very impressive my friend. :smiley:

Yeah I wasn’t sure if I should post in the trading forums because I’m not actually selling it currently I am just trying to see what people think it is worth so I can decide If I want to sell It or not.

It should go easily for $300 + shipping. Pics help.

incidentally the stock cranks are KH/onza, slightly different from the onza cranks.

Good quality stuff usuallly sells for half either original retail price, or current retail price, whichever is lower. I know what I’d pay for it but prices are so different from UK to US that it wouldn’t be any help.

His is the one on the right except he has replaced the saddle with a nimbus saddle.
(sry for screen stretch)

Why are you thinking of selling it? Your not thinking about quiting?
Just a bit old, wanting an upgrade? Right?

i pay 150usd on frame and seatpost

I don’t know why I’m answering questions but he wants to upgrade to an 07 if he can get a decent offer on this one.

you could probably get anywhere from $250 to $300 for it.

I’d give you $150 for everything else (assuming everything is functionally sound). :sunglasses:

course shipping to picado might be an issue. :smiley:

No im not quitting just looking to upgrade with some extra cash i have lying around

I dunno wat id offer id have to no the millage and mot ect??:slight_smile:

Well I have decided to sell it
If loch and picado if you guys are still interested in parting it out together pm me with info paypal is prefered but check/ money order will work I will post some pics as well

Picado i am willing ship to you but I dont know if/how I could insure it If I cant insure it I dont want to be held responsible for the Package getting lost or something like that.

currenty I have lx plastic pedals on but will change it to the primos

Pics of the cranks

I dont know what happened to the other pics I posted


I am still taking offers for this uni not sold yet