What would have Kris H make?

I think that I would like to have some stuff pop on the market. Maybe this thread will convince Kris to make new products or change something (though everything is amazing as is), or even considerations for the future.

  1. Ti 20" frame for trials.
  2. Get the hub going!
  3. A M-uni that has a wider frame and a large marge rim + endomorph tire.
  4. A 36er
  5. Eye shades

Everything I could think up.
Post up!

a completely awesome superultraincredibly sticky tire w/ harder rubber middle(only a very small part) so that it sticks like no other, but wears very very slowly
a handle that doesn’t get messed up when you do seat pushes on the asphalt

Ti frame would be wickedawesome though
and a lower end set of unis
then have a heavy strong
and a light/sorta strong combination.

Replacement bearing clamps available in the UK thats what I want him to make, or perhaps some super touch CroMo replacements for people like me who keep trashing the aluminium ones.
Other than that nothing as he makes dam good stuff already

I don’t see why Kris should make a titanium frame or many other of the things named above. The KH series are top class unicycles, not much to improve there except strenghtwise maybe. I think it would be cool to see a freestyle unicycle and a road unicycle by KHU and see how Kris is going to implant gears into modern unicycling. So rather a bigger range of unicycles than extras.

i dont think KH will ever make a range of cheaper unicycles, it’d be like duracell making a low end battery, or prada making cheap clothes.

but a road uni would be cool, somehow freestyle doesnt fit kris though lol. not sure why he hasnt done a 36" yet… mind you there is a 36" KH pro frame which i am not sure what it is and why it was made and when…

I deff. agree with the first statement, KH’s reputation is for top end unicycles, it would devalue the brand if he were to release a lower quality line. KH used to make a fresestyle uni, back when he first started selling unis in the UK (yes believe it or not i remember a time when he wasn’t a household name amongst unicyclists). I never saw one, just remember threads of people complaining because they’d stupidly use them for trials and break them up. Maybe this was why he didn’t continue in that vane.

street uni

a trials tire as sticy as a maxxis but with sidewalls as thick as lunas
(and a kevlar bead)

A titanium frame makes no sense. There’s this strange mystique among people who’ve never studied frame design that 4130 and titanium are like these mysterious metals that are better than anything else (and then proceed to get gouged by opportunistic bike companies). Titanium is VERY flexible (means wider crown), and not worth the cost to use to make large scale frames. It is also very hard to find dependable titanium welders for cheap, so Kris would likely have to source the frames from North America, which would translate into ridiculously expensive frames.

I’d like to see some seatfoam and seatcovers available separate. Yes, I know about KH fusion.

Some pedals with stronger spindles would be nice, aswell as something that handles pedalgrabs better.

How about strong, fairly light, doesn’t rust, expensive, sexy, cool?

I’d rather have a Ti frame over a cromoly/carbon/aluminium frame anyday.

I don’t yet know whether I’d prefer a titanium frame. I used to think it would be the pinnacle of frame building to use titanium, however after really looking into it, I’ve yet to find something about it that makes it especially good.

If expensive is a plus for you, by all means, ignore me, and go find a good welder to make you a ti frame.

Sexy unicycles? I’m sorry, I just don’t see it.

Yeah, titanium doesn’t rust (which aluminum can also claim, and chromed steel won’t appreciably rust unless completely neglected), however it is very difficult to dependably weld in a production setting (note the number of cracked titanium frames you see). So if you want to pay more for a frame where you aren’t confident in its fabrication, by all means, do so.

I guess the current KH frames just aren’t light enough. I mean, hell, I just can’t have fun on my unicycle with anything weighing more than 12lbs and costing less than $1,000.


People seem to like his 700C rims so make a larger hoop and capitalize on the airfoil mess up and take over the market for light strong 36" rims:) Im sure that if they were made the right size and have proper breaking surfaces people would buy them up.:smiley: Anybody else think that a 48 hole 36" rim would be a good idea? UDC could easily make a super-wide 48 hole hub…

There’s surely no practical point in a super-lightweight frame, cos the KH frame is pretty light anyway. It only weighs 586g. It’s the kind of weight where you’ll make far more difference in weight by doing a dump before you go riding than you could save on the frame.


he should make some reeder style muni handles. and stiffer seats.

I think the KH 36" rim sounds like a good idea, that and maybe an Al 36er frame with the same design as the other '07 KH frames.

I doubt that if he did make a 36 rim that he would make a 48 hole one. But that would still be a good idea for those who like to build up stronger wheels or use something like a Qu Ax hub.

I’m not sure how good/popular a mass produced Ti frame would be though. It seems that most people want a Ti frame because it would be custom and a one off thing, with the Ti being more of a gimmick.

The BC wheel and freestyle don’t seem to be a very good idea to me simply because Kris doesn’t ride freestyle or BC. I would rather that someone who actually rides freestyle or BC more or less exclusively to build a freestyle uni or BC wheel. Although i guess if Kris sponsored someone that did then he would have more grounds to build one.

A super sticky, not-wear-downable tire with stiffer sidewalls, although a great idea, would take more then just KHU to produce, if he teamed up with a bike trials(or just tire) company then there’s be more of a chance of this happening, but as unicyclist we would be the minority and most of the effort would go into providing a product better for the bike trials community.

As for the seat foam being produced for sale separately, I seem to recall somewhere Kris saying that he once tried, but by the time you get it produced and ready for sale it would cost about as much as a seat. Maybe a separate gel insert could be produced at a cheaper cost?

He could perhaps go about designing a pedal built purposely for MUni and/or trials that would suit unicyclists better than most bike pedals do.

I’ve always want a Kris Holm cereal, like Lucky Charms but with little delicious marshmallow unicycles(or even little Kris Holm Marshmallows).

Already made, Its called a monty eagle claw. Same compound as the maxxis tire, super thick sidewalls.

I’d eat Kris Holm for breakfast! :stuck_out_tongue:

36" Shclumph aluminum cotterless muni
or team up with a tire manufacturer and make a geared 48":smiley:

Also get them to help w/ a good DH 29er tire. And get the Santa Barbara boys to help w/ R&D;)

An alluminum Reader type handle

actually i forgot, but he should put CF seatbases on all unis. THat would bring the price down alot and it’d be cool.

That would be cheaper? Can you explain, I’m very curious. :slight_smile: