what would be the ultimate trials uni ?

heyy everone so at the moment i ride muni and distance but now i am looking into trials i tried a little bit at the weekend with a “propper” trials and i loved it so now im thinking i want one so im wondering if money was no object what would be your perfect ride ? also preferred crank size would be cool and any arguments for long neck vs short neck frames :slight_smile:

:astonished: Imagine trying to ride anything smaller than a 24" MUni!

i know yeah but i tried it and i was just too cool !

Dream unicycle?

Impact Gravity frame or Triton Titan
Impact Eiffel Tower 140mm cranks
Impact Naomi saddle
Exceed titantium hub OR
Mad4One 32h hub with Atomz UN Elitis rim
and a Monty Eagle Claw

Throw in a CF seatbase and whatever else is missing, lace the wheel up with some Sapim spokes, and go ride.

sounds cool anyone used the triton frame ?

I think long nek is always better if you are tall enough (It makes your seatpost stronger)
monty eagle claw for trial, because his wide profile.
koxx one rail hunter frame, it has a v form at the upper side.
carbon seat base with naomi foam and cover, the seat base of a usual naomi is realy flexible, that is annoying.

I currently ride one on my Trials uni, but I ride the old Triton Sponge frame (which I find better looking and better for trials because of the crown). It just feels amazing, it’s not lighter than a KH or an Impact but it’s Titanium so the feeling is different, it feels stiffer than my other KH frame. It wont rust unlike steel frame and Triton offers a Lifetime warranty :slight_smile: I could never let my Triton go, it’s just so awesome.

my uni, and I wouldnt change anything, except maybe a triton frame or try-all lite tyre.

Impact foam/cover on an axel CF base, KH no hole handle.
KH post
Impact one bolt clamp
Impact gravity longneck frame
mad4one hub/k1 reinforced drilled rim (big holes <3)
Monty eagle claw
K1 light cranks (had eiffel towers but bent them :()
Echo TR 2011 pedals

maybe 32h would be nice, but I’m heavy and not smooth on the landings of drops at all, something I need to work on.
It’s light enough for me (4.7kg), and I absolutely love it. :slight_smile:

Put my frame on that and it’s exactly what I want :smiley: Except the ECHO TR and the K-1 cranks. That’s pretty much The perfect Trials uni :stuck_out_tongue:

For me just the normal KH (maybe with different pedals and a carbon fibre seatbase) is my dream trials uni. I like it because its so versatile if i want to glide down a hill i can put my feets on the frame or if i want to pose in front of freestyle riders i can do standup ;).


how is the triton for stuff like feet on frame stuff and knee clearance
there are some really nice unis there what crank size would you recomend ?
AlisterBurt you serisouly need to get that frame stripped and coated :stuck_out_tongue:
i really like the gravity and triton frame i’ll probably get the triton if i can afford it at the time though :slight_smile:

My dream uni would have booster jets and the world’s most comfortable seat.

nah, scratches are hardcore and it would just get scratched up again fast anymore? I have better things to spend my money on. :slight_smile:

I think that a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 would be the ideal trials uni.

The Triton Sponge is awesome for feet on frame stuff and knee clearance. The newer Tritons have a square crown just like the K-1 Devils/Nimbus, I guess the knee clearance isn’t as good as the Sponge.

For crank size, since you’re looking for the perfect trials uni, I’d go with 140mm cranks.