What will they think of next

well see this morning I was surfing threw the internet and I came a cross this very weird 2 man uni. It is really cool but the only problem is what if one person weighs more than the other and since there are 2 chains that means both people have to be peddaling at exactly the same time well here is the picture …

untitled-1 copy.jpg

This has been posted alot before, but I remember someone saying that its easier for one person to do all the peadling and the other person to just go along for the ride going through the foot motions.

dangit i thought I was the first

there’s a picture of two people riding the tandem uni on John Foss’s page (I think it’s his).

Here’s another picture of that uni. The rider is cheating. :slight_smile:


Re: What will they think of next

You seem to have a short memory. Here’s a thread where you posted a picture of the same unicyle last December: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36928 :slight_smile:


it looks like the same uni in both pics. same seats, pedals, frame, I think the tire is the same.

i hate to be typical but…lol


If you could get someone to sit on the other seat and face the opposite rider while pedaling in the opposite direction… hell we’d be 1 step closer to level 11!

dont you just love it when you make yourslf look like a complete moron

apology accepted:D

wouldn’t that “be” level 11?

You asked in your subject, “what will they think of next?”

Well, I thought of/designed this:


you already posted an entire thread about this, i think once is enough.

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On Sun, 6 Feb 2005 07:01:22 -0600, “onetrack” wrote:

>wouldn’t that “be” level 11?

Not per se, according to the definition that was stated in RSU a few
years ago.

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I know, it would be hard to avoid level 11 is what i am saying.

ok, that IS the weirdest sig line i’ve seen