What will I notice?

Thinking of going to a 36" Nimbus from a 24" Schwinn. I don’t really ride the Uni much but have been riding for over 40 years.

I am thinking of the Nimbus Impulse with 125/150 cranks.

What does it feel like the first time on a 36"? What difficulties might I have?

Thanks, Mark

Problems mounting, lack of control/leverage, fear of falling from higher seat position and extra speed…

That pretty much sums it up.

Thanks and how long is the learning curve?

I went straight from a 20 inch to my 36 inch, and the learning curve for me was a matter of minutes; in less than an hour I was able to mount sucessfully about 80-90% of the time. Good luck!

From half an hour to a few days maybe. You can check this thread out: Learning the 36 Inch Wheel

The learning curve for me was not long, but I came from a 29er: a few minutes for the mounting, an hour to get comfortable riding easy off-road.

I have two tips for you:
Use the longest cranks you can get to start with, preferably 170’s. That way you will sit lower, have more torque and control, and is way easier to mount. After a short period of time you will get used to the 36er and you can put the original 150/125 cranks back on.

If you want an idea how it feels to mount the 36 er, place your 24" on something that is 5 to 6" higher than your feet and try to mount it. Do that with short cranks (<125 mm).
This will feel like mounting a 36er with 170 mm cranks, height wise and torque wise. The only difference now is the wheel weight.

Succes and go for it!

I think you’ll notice that you’re smiling.
Getting freemounts consistent on the 36 was the hardest part for me. But that said, I managed to get 10 successful freemounts within a couple hours of first getting on the 36 (out of maybe a hundred tries :roll_eyes: ).
The 36 really opens up possibilities of actually going for rides on bikes paths etc.
Get one!