What will happen with Schlumpf at winter? I got an answer.

Hello everyone! I was asking month ago what will happen with Schlumpf at winter.
Well here is a video, showing what will happen.


PS: Now it is just autumn temperature -35C. Real winter will be at December and January.

So is it ruined?

I watched it a couple times and couldn’t really tell what the problem was. What happened?

It’s spinning without moving the wheel.

Too viscous grease?

It looks like it’s not engaging immediately on the upshift but is engaging okay on the downshift. Or visa versa. I’m betting the grease is just too viscous to allow efficient shifting.

Kartochitatel, does the hub shift properly when you bring it up to 10-15 C?

Perhaps Florian can recommend a less viscous grease for use in extreme cold.

Good luck!

Just flush out the existing grease and replace it with sewing machine oil. You will have to leave it in the cold after that though since it will leak all over the place when it warms up.

It’s what the Alaskan fat bikers do who use internal gear hubs. I have yet to use my hub in the winter but that is what I would do.

Hub did not broke - ice melted away.
Yakutian bicyclists use air-plane antifreeze oil for their bicycles. But I don’t need high speed anyway will use original oil after a while.