What/when to buy

I’ve been ready others’ posts, but still have questions. I’m about 5 hours in and am making progress slowly. To help motivate me, I’m thinking about buying a new uni. I’ve been looking at/thinking about a Nimbus 24"muni. Here are the questions…Is a 24 much harder to learn on than a 20? Should I wait til I can ride the 20 to get the new one? Is a muni tire ok for the road too? I have lots of dirt roads around as well as a rail trail for eventual use. Should I get the cranks with dual holes (125/150)? Is it worth upgrading from the Nimbus gel seat to the KH given the fact that I am female? Thanks…

I’m short (5’3") and learned on a 24". Bigger wheels are actually more stable, it’s just that the falls are faster/higher. You can always buy a muni, and put on a slick tire first for riding round the neighbourhood. Or, you could find out what tire you will be getting on your uni, and people here can tell you how they ride on the road.

Dual hole cranks are definately cheaper than getting 2 cranks (of the same brand). You could use 125mm for road riding or easy trails, and 150mm for harder stuff. When you start, learning on the 150mm should be a little easier.

I had a 24" MUni, and a 20" learner when I was just figuring out how to ride. The MUni was a great motivator, but it was harder to ride. Most of the difficulty came from the tire. I put a Felt Berm Master tire on it, and it was immediately easier to ride on pavement, and handled great on trails as well. I wrote a review of the tire in the reviews section, and I still feel the same after many more miles (mostly on trails). It’s nice to have a tire that handles both surfaces fairly well, and I think the Berm Master is a great beginning MUni tire.

I can see the draw of dual hole cranks, and I will probably make a pair before too long. I think it would broaden the usefulness of the uni. I seem to remember a poll that concluded with most people who had them never switched pedal holes once they figured out what they liked.

Saddles are a personal thing. My favorite saddle was an old KH with the thick foam, and a channel I cut out in the middle. Maybe one day I’ll make another. Some people like slimmer saddles. Until you know what you like it’s hard to guide you.

The big 3"duro will probably make learning more difficult. You could pick up a street tire (I used a 24x2.5 maxis hookworm)for it and it will be fine to learn on, plus a lot of fun to learn some street and trials tricks on.

Seeing the 24 Muni will probably give you a lot of motivation, it’s really cool. If you know your gonna stick with it, go for it.

I would say no to the dual hole cranks. A 24 with 125’s doesn’t make much sense to me. I would just get the 150’s. I rode a 24 a lot for a year, once tried to put 125s on it and I didn’t like it so much. I probably didn’t give it much of a try, but just didn’t see the sense of it. You are not riding a 24 for distance anyway, I like having more control with the 150’s.

The seat would be kind of a wait and see thing in my opinion. The stock seats on the nimbus and kh muni’s are pretty good. Light years better than a learner uni seat.