What were they thinking?

I just watched a show on The Learning Channel called “What Were They Thinking?” It had a bit of footage of Kris from “One Tired Guy” showing various scenes of him riding different terrain. The show is about people doing stupid things (example:a pizza delivery driver drove her car into the swimming pool of a customer)
Considering the type of show it was a positive but short (maybe 1 minute) piece about Kris. Only a couple of comments but basically admiration for his skill, and not one clown comment.:slight_smile:

Once I was watching some show a while back about kris and everyone else that was watching it thought that it was a big joke or that kris was the only person doing it… I fand many people think that when they see kris on ripleys and other shows.


PS the other day i was channel surfing when all of a sudden Peewee Herman’s Big Adventure came on. I started watching some of it (it has been a while since i have seen the show) and all of a sudden a unicyclist rolls by. that made my day.

Kris is the only one doing it though,

As far as I know he’s the only professional unicyclist making his money from being a sponcered rider. And the only professional off road unicyclist. So its not supprising hes all by himself to the public.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong I really hope I’m wrong too. Maybe one day pro uni riders will be as common as Pro Skaters or even better Pro Golfers!


Monsters Inc

In the movie, Monsters Inc, sometime in the movie, one of the monsters rides by on a unicycle. It is pretty quick and hard to catch, but its there

I too just watched a show where Kris what on it. It was on an episode of Real TV and they gave him alot of compliments as it showed footage from his video: Skilletto.
I am really glad and proud of kris because he speads the word and makes unicycling known to the public as a true sport as it is instead of a circus act.