What Was Your Worst Unicycling Injury?

I am 48 years old male, so I guess the hairy leg is normal under the circumstances. As for the design, I feel the same way about it.

Does KH percussion pads proctet the back of the legs?

there is a flap that goes over your calves. It is just sorta open behind the knees.

Btw this thread is about injuries, not protection :stuck_out_tongue:
My worst fall was when I just learned to ride uni and after seeing those vidz of peeps riding down stairs, I did something superstupid. In the house I had in Denmark there were 2 steps going from the hall way up to the living room. I thought hey why not ride down those and for some silly reason I figured I could just hold the walls left and right while riding down.
What happened was that the uni rolled away under me, and I crashed straight down on the steps. That hurt very very much and I was lucky not to have broken my back.

I have never broken anything in my life or had pedal bite that stripped the skin off.

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KH Percussion does protect the back of the leg. I’m not a huge fan of them though, pads made by companies that put their complete focus on making protective gear is a lot better than the pads made by someone that mainly produces unicycles.

I’ve gone to a doctor for unicycle injuries twice, a sprained ankle and a wound in my hand from falling hand first onto a rusty pipe (luckily I didn’t even need stitches). I also had a unknown shoulder injury that in hindsight I should have gone to the doctor with…
I’m not sure if I should consider myself lucky (because I’ve seen people get hurt doing things that should be much safer than what I do), or be proud, because I think I do actually judge risk fairly well and I’m good at falling.

I thought those two things went hand in hand.

I had a similar experience like that too. For some reason i thought i could just do a stun without any warmup. It went ok-ish the first two tries, but then I just took a fall and a scrape fom the pedals. Luckily no steel pins.

the picture is a bit blured.

This really hurt :joy:
But not my worst injury.

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Ah the dreaded shoestrings. Took a header on asphalt this year when my laces were caught , jacked up my shoulder and knee. Wrist guards saved my hands.

I fell and injured my wrist a while back. It didn’t hurt that much. I was able to finish my ride. What made it bad is that it took a full year to heal. I kept re-injuring it again doing normal everyday things like typing, and I had to wear a brace on it 24/7 for months.

The worst for me was not caused by unicycling, but it affects my riding a lot. I herniated disc in my lower back from lifting weights with bad form when I was a teenager. It has developed into a mild case of degenerative disc disease over time. It’s really easy to injure it again. I have to ride so carefully these days, I’ve sort of given up on getting better at unicycling. I hate being so fragile. I really wish I could go back in time and be smarter when I was 19.

Chronic injuries are fun times.

I’ve discovered a guy who is able to correct hernia’s, whip lashes, hips, back, neck, etc…
I’m under treatment now for the 3rd week and pain that I had in my neck for over 4 years (due to an injury with freerunning) has already been gone. It’s still a bit stiff, but directly after treatment that is good as well.

I’ve did some googling to translate it to an english name, and this is what I came up with:

You might want to give it a try :wink:

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I’ve know pain.
After my UPD the surgeon thought I might never walk again. It took years for me to re-learn how to walk. If I get lazy — issues immediately return.

I had suddenly reached a whole new level on a ride when I was learning. I was going to ride all the way to the corner which was several hundred metres. Unfortunately I got distracted by someone mowing their front yard and lost control, stayed on to long and then stepped off.

The uni ran into the back of my leg with my ankle getting wedged between the crank and the spokes. This space is nowhere near as wide as my ankle, (especially afterwards).

I did it again the first time I rode my KH 26 but fortunately the space was a bit wider due to the bigger wheel and Q factor on the cranks so it wasn’t near so bad. After that I have always ridden in high top shoes.

Another time I came of the 29 when it slid out turning on concrete covered with fine silt. I went straight down on my hip. I am sure I would have broken hip but for my heavy duty hip pads. I had over four kilometres to get home and I could barely walk but fortunately I could ride with much less pain.

The longest time to heal was going straight down in a failed takeoff on my 20. I wasn’t wearing any safety gear. My wrist and ribs hurt for weeks.

Another time I chipped a tooth in a face plant on concrete. I was very luck that that it was just a small chip. I could have easily knocked the tooth out.

has anyone else ever ran over themselves?

Nope. I presume you have - how did you manage that?

My worst injury was when I was learning and grabbed a tree when I lost control going down a hill. I scraped a good few inches of skin off the inside of my arm.

i launched my self into an unintentional wheel walk then was pulled in front by my shoes being stuck in the spokes

I hope that’s taught you to always tuck your laces in!

Personally a friend’s misfortunes with laces and knee problems was what taught me to always check mine.

They could clone you a new body and do a brain transplant… but reproductive cloning is deemed unethical and now illegal. But it would mean biological immortality. (I may have been reading too many declassified documents)

My worst is not from unicycling, but I did a faceplant trying to go as fast as possible on a 36".
I wore a helmet but my shoulder was sore a few weeks. Had to sleep on the other side.

I’ve had my shoelaces caught on my cranks 3 times recently. The first 2 were fine, the third was very sudden and caused a UPD. Luckily I had my wrist guards on and jeans covering my knees for my fall.

I have Always ised speedlaces/quicklaces for unicycling. Or whatever they are called.

You tuck the whole thing under the tongue.