What was your first uni?

He’s still in business. He actually performed for my 7 year old son’s birthday party a few days ago.

The unicycle juggling trick is a gag-trick. He acts like he’s going to juggle basketballs on a unicycle, then has a drumroll. He backs up with a unicycle in one hand and two basketballs in another and then proceeds to juggle the basketballs and the unicycle. In fact, that’s his giraffe in my avitar.

He invented the 7 foot pogostick. He self-mounts a 6 foot unicycle, spins rings around his wrists while juggling I don’t know how many balls. It’s harder than you’d think to juggle while spinning rings around your wrists.

He’s taught many people to unicycle through the years, including me.

I’ll see if there are any videos around. I have some pictures from the birthday party, but haven’t gotten to downloading them yet.

Actually, come to think of it, the small child may have been me! I just remembered that he used to juggle me with unicycles. I guess I blocked that out. I actually attended at least one of those meets in the early eighties as a child.

Thanks for mentioning me, John!

I am happy that an accomplished performer like you remembers me after so much time. But please, don’t leave out the hula-hoop. The trick you were describing was a 4 tricks at once trick- juggling 3 balls while spinning a ring around a wrist, SPINNING A HULA-HOOP, & idling on a giraffe. Here is a link showing that on the Letterman Show.

I hope to see you sometime, John.

Uncle Larry, if you come to the Nationals with me in July, you’ll probably see John :slight_smile:

Shoot dude,my Moms had a '69 Firebird in British racing green!Real Steel!!!:slight_smile:

WOW you guys have some really great stories! :astonished:
I thank ya’ll again for the responses!:slight_smile:
Thanks Lee Vee for sharing that w/ us!

My first uni was a 20 inch Columbia that I started riding in 1968.

Larry Vee,sorry for the misspelling.Your Great!:slight_smile:

I learned on a Schwinn Deluxe 20" that was much older than me. Pretty nice ride to start, but the saddle had no bumpers so I rapidly turned the corners into blades that made learning much more interesting.

My first uni was a norco 20", which I learned to use on the helicopter flight deck and hangar of a warship, back in my early Navy days.


Mine was blue and came from Sears back in 1971 or 1972. I don’t know what kind it was. It took me about 3 weeks to ride up and down the street. I remember having to hammer the bent seat back in “shape” after dropping it so many times. I wish I still had that unicycle.

First uni

On Valentine’s Day, 1977 I bought a Schwinn 20." I quickly fell in love with it. I had to use salt to melt the snow & ice behind the house to make a runway. I kept going back to practicing, even when I had other important things to do. It took me 4 days to get out of the driveway, & it was not a 4 day long driveway. I had a blast learning!

I learned on that same driveway in 1983. I broke my finger learning. Larry, who inspired you to learn. Or maybe that’s another topic?

When I teach people now, I emphasize posture more. I tried to coach you to have good posture, but I think I failed, which was my fault. People I teach now may or may not learn, but they usually fall on their feet. I also advise them to use elbow pads & wrist protectors, or at least thick gloves.
I had learned to juggle 12 years prior, but I had never met another good juggler. Then I met Steve McFarland, who rode a uni & gave me some advice about learning.

This also makes me wonder who is the longest riding unicyclist on this forum.

I am sure there are many here that learned in the 60s. How about the 50s?

This one: Unicycle £34.99 @ Lidl | hotukdeals as discusse here (I have the same username): http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/anyone-bought-a-unicycle-from-lidl - I wonder how many of the others on that thread ever learned to ride.

Apologies for continuing the derailing of the thread (and for embarrassing Larry, though I suspect it’s not actually possible to embarrass him), but his earlier vid had this as a link, which has limited uni content, but had me giggling in amazement even more:

I started in 2006 with my brother when he ordered a Qu-ax standard 20 and after a two hours session we realized that one uni for 2 wouldn’t work.

So after the session, I order my own: a Qu-ax Standard 26 inches (like this one below but without the red hub, just a regular one).

It held up pretty well for some XC and playing around downtown. The rim was the weak link and sidewalks drops were too much.

But one double wall mavic rim and a relacing later, it was back on track and still alive ever since (at least it was when I gave it to a friend – but he was nowhere hardcore with it anyway) :smiley:

Torker CX - 20"

At 53 years young I bought a Torker CX20 off of Craig’s list for $50. Probably paid $30 too much. I thought Torker was high end. (My wife thought I was nuts and would give up in a couple of weeks.)

The tire was flat… I was told it just needed air… The seller failed to mention it also needed a tube.

The seat was on backwards and one of the cranks was striped. I ordered a replacement set of cranks from UDC. While waiting for the cranks to arrive I bought a new CX24 from a LBS (heavily invested in the sport at this point). It turns out the 24 was a better fit to learn on than the 20.

Still have both today (2.5 years later)… I use the 20" to do things I’m too scared to do on my Triton 26 or KH36 for the first time (like a jump mount). Once I validate on the 20 I test my newly learned skill on the larger wheel sizes.

The 24 is on loan to a teen friend as he learns to ride…

David Hood… didn’t know you were riding for so long. Great pic!

Here is a picture of me on the left riding my 20 inch Columbia with my brother and dad in 1973.

I started only a couple of years ago on a Torker LX Pro. Soon after buying it I overheard someone talking about Kris Holm and Municyling. Since I had been a mountain biker for a couple decades I was intrigued and immediately purchased a 24" Nimbus Muni and hit the trails.