What UPDs you most,Dips \/ or Blips /\ ?

I ride 10-15 fast miles on bike trails or roads on a 28" and get my share of UPD practice.The bike trail has many frost heaves and depressions as it’s an old railway running through the woods.The dips launch me more cause I don’t see them.I usually see the blips and ride over them.

A dip with a steeper than expected exit is worse than a bump with a steeper than expect downslope.


If I see them coming, I’ll manage either most of the time. It’s usually those microscopic dirt irregularities when I’m not paying any attention; then I just fall off and try to pretend I meant to.

But yes, dips do present a more difficult challenge normally than blips.

Neither. I usualy just turn to much and fly into a tree. but it is usualy a dip after I go of course that makes me fly into yhe tree.


What exactly does UPD stand for?



The mid-sized curbs on rural roads the cross the trail I ride are pretty tough. Just as I’m checking to see if there are cars coming, I hit them and end up looking like a spazz if I don’t fly off. Otherwise the thing that UPD’s me the most is a foot adjustment on the pedals that goes awry.

Sooper fine deep powder and abrupt steep uphills.

I usually fall off due to my wheel decides to stop going. I know I hit a bump or something, but I go back and I cant see anything! I guess one of those ants thought it would be funny to trip me.

My last memorial UPD (or fall as I like to call them) was while crossing a zebra crossing on my way home from filming at Pollok just as a woman was pointing me out to her kid, with the kid saying “how does he do it?” I had to go back and get it from the road and say “that’s not how to do it” to her.

Typical eh? Ride over fallen trees no bother then get tripped by road-markings.


For me, I’d definitely say dips. I hit a “tire-sized” dip down next to the bike path -it was a speed dip of some kind - and my 28" tire totally stopped turning, and off I went. I think bumps are easier 'cause you can kind of hop up, but dips are tough because you have to climb back up out. Sucks to UPD in front of a bunch of people, cause of a traffic dip. Not the B.C kind. :wink:

Here’s the B.C kind of dip…

BC dip in road 2.JPG

dips after steeps are the worst… especially if you are letting your legs go so you dont slip when its wet… yeah… you get launched… and it sucks

U know what UPS me is whe a dip is filled up with powder dirt abd when you roll over you tiresuddenly bounces and you go flying… no fun when some good looking girls are watching… not good at all. Of coursed they gave me a kiss on my Boo-Boo’s and im alllllll better


wow this thread took a downfall at an instant