What up 👋🏼 From El Segundo, CA

Hey everyone! Very stoked to be here, my name is Hunter, I’ve been riding unicycles for nearly 12 years now. Or close to that. Currently 25 & living in El Segundo.

I started learning after I saw videos of Kris Holm and Dan Heaton which inspired me to give the unicycle in my garage a go. Have loved it ever since. Now I ride around whenever I can on my Nimbus 36er and hope to get into some muni here soon.

I haven’t met many other riders so I’m happy to be here!


Welcome, @Onehunna !

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Thank you!

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Hi, welcome here!

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Hello & thank you!

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Hey 1H, welcome to the forum.
It’s good to reach out and find other riders in real life.
We are extremely rare even though google says there’s 1 million in the usa.
(probably calculated from unicycles sold, but i think 1/100 buyers actually ride and each successful uni-rider owns multiple). So, my calc there’s only 10-30,000 of active unicycle riders in the US.

I live in your county(Los Angeles, 10 million peeps), but I have yet to actually “see” another unicycle. In fact, I’ve actually seen a half dozen “mono wheels” since I’ve been riding for several years. Where I ride often, Griffith Park, I’ve actually been told by a few regular walkers out there about another unicycle rider. He wears gray PCT tank top, full sun hat,…, seriously, that’s me.

Anyways, El Segundo town is a bit tricky to ride around with small hills and street cafes. You might want venture a bit north to Playa Vista area. Also, if you venture south beyond, Dockweiller, Manhatten, Hermosa to Redondo/Torrance beach area, you might see Unigeezer, the legend on his 36" on the strand.


Hey Slam,
It’s funny you mention Unigeezer, I met him riding along the path at Dockweiler beach and he’s the one who told me about this forum. I’ve just been riding solo so it’s nice to be able to talk to and connect with other riders. I can relate to the rarity struggle, Unigeezer was the only other unicyclist I have ever seen riding out and about.

I’m trying to get more into Muni, but I hadn’t considered Griffith. How are those trails? Are there any that are pretty chill?

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