What unicyclists are coming BJC?

The BJC is in Bodmin this year and I was just wondering what unicyclists are going
there is usually a reasonable turn out of unicyclists
I am for sure

My little bro and dad are going so i might scrounge a lift with them. Depends on weather the girlfriend will let me off my lead for the weekend tho.
Ride on!

I’ve registered and accommodation has been booked for me. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll actually bother taking a unicycle - I doubt I’d get much use out of it at a BJC with two young children.

About a month ago, the suggestion was posted to the uk_unicyclists mailing list that people bring Cokers to go for a ride along the Camel Trail:

I’m taking my Coker. I’m also taking the wife’s bike and the kids’ trailer, so wifey can tow the kids while I ride the yike.

The website for BJC says "Unicycling may be allowed in the sportshall if non marking tyres and plastic pedals are used… "

I am worried about that “may”, does that mean we might not be allowed to unicycle at BJC. Non-marking tyres and plastic pedals is fair enough, but after doing all that, we might not be allowed to unicycle?

If we are allowed to unicycle, see you at BJC


The same restrictions apply at every convention. It’s usually best to avoid unicycling in the halls at BJC’s anyway (except late at night), simply due to lack of space.

Of the 9 BJC’s that I’ve been to in the past, I don’t believe any of them has lacked for unicycling space outside. I’d be surprised if this one’s any different.

Tennis courts are usually a good bet. The Dragon Centre seems to have a choice of grass courts or indoor courts, though, so maybe not such a good bet this year:

Anyway, a yike’s still likely to be a good way to get around the site, and you’ll want one to ride in the parade, won’t you?

We will be going for the day on the friday ( If all goes to plan) I won;t be riding tho… :frowning: Camel trail will be fun on cokers or any bigish wheel, its fairly flat.
See you there - bringing Ed to introduce hi to conventions early.