what unicycles are these?

please help me

the exact model and stuff is unnessisary, I am just looking for somthing simmilar to what they are riding. I do simmilar tricks that they are doing. so please dont tell me that they are freestyle (that would suck).

Those are 19" trials or street unicycles. You can look at all different types in those categories here and here. That video is named incorrectly, that doesn’t really fall under the technical definition of freestyle.

I saw a couple of Kris Holm long necks. Not sure about the others.

Yeah, that style of ridding is “street”

At least one KH long neck. The white uni is an Impact Gravity. I saw a black one also, maybe two.

The others??? Too hard to see on my phone

I know for sure Colby was riding a custom build. He’s the one with the black Impact frame. Looks like KH moments on the wheel, maybe a Mad4One hub.

Eli is right.

Colby & Kevin are the 2 main rider of this vid.

Colby, see Eli’s post
Kevin, KH longneck