What Unicycle?

Hey everyone, i just joined this website!

Well, I have one of those Torker 20 inch unicycles that cost around $90 and im starting to do alot more jumps and tricks and stuff, like jumping down picnic tables and down small sets of stairs… I’m thinking of buying a new unicycle, like one that i can do more tricks and drops with… but I really dont know which kind I should get and what size, I thinking I do more of the Trial kind of riding but I’m not sure. I’m only 13 years old so I really dont have much money, right now I have around $300, so If anyone can help, please post something. :smiley:
P.S. When people do rolling hops, how are they always able to jump RIGHT when they get to the gap? Because when I always do that I have to like try over and over again just to get everything right… :thinking:

either a KH, Qu-Ax, or a Torker. KH being best but costliest option, Torker being least expensive but still pretty sweet.

Are those torker ones the same that I have?

Oh, and how much around do those ones cost?

KH20 - $500 from UDC or $365 from AEBikes (although I don’t know whether they’ll still give you that deal. Email them and ask.)

Qu-Ax - $323 from UDC

Torker DX - $260 from UCD…I think…

And for size…if you wanna do a lot of trials, a lot of people are gonna say go for a 20".

Eeeek!! those are pretty expencive…
Is that cheap one any good? well, because i know i cant really spend more than $300… well maybe a LITTLE more than $300 cuz i can get some more money

Thanks for helping me :smiley:

From what I hear, the Torker DX is indestructible but then again I’ve heard some people breaking a few parts. But for the price, it’s fantastic. I think it weighs like 15 pounds.

The Qu-Ax is bomb proof. I haven’t heard anyone breaking one of these. And it probably weighs 14 or something.

The KH is the lightest at a lovely 12 pounds and is absolutely amazing. :smiley:

Do you think I should spend the extra $50 and get the Qu-Ax?
sorry for all the questions :smiley:

why don’t you go for the $260 DX, it’s good and within your price range.

I think it all comes down to which one looks cooler to you. :stuck_out_tongue: Both are great unicycles and you probably won’t break the one you choose. I’d go for the Qu-Ax but that’s cuz I like how it looks. :smiley:

If you are looking for a unicycle to do jumps and drops with, a KH20 would be great. It is widely considered the best non-custom trials uni. You can see it here http://www.krisholm.com/english/products/# it is the first one. AEbike.com was selling them for around $370, which is a steal considering people are very willing to pay $500 for them. Trouble is, because of a dispute between the supplier and aebike, aebike is not allowed to list them at that price. Also there are none in stock currently. Get another $90 or so, then check often at aebike. When you see one, simply email them asking for their best price. I am confident you will be very happy with this unicycle. And it really isn’t that expensive, since a few years ago a top of the line trials unicycle was more in the $600 range (and it was inferior in most ways to the modern KH).

I Think that I might want to get the Cheapest one, But can someone give me a link to them please? because i kinda want to see what they look like :smiley:

And thanks soooo much to everyone giving me advice :slight_smile:

AE bike only has the KH 24" muni. They have zero stock on KH trials or 29ers, and from what the owner told me, they have been “cut off” from the KH distributor for selling too low. Sucks!

If that’s truly the case (sad!) go with the torker. You can get it soon, and it is still a quality uni.

awww… :frowning:

ooo ok i think i will! :smiley:
Do u have a good website or link that i can buy it from?

Torker DX or this one.

Great choice!! I had a tough time deciding what unicycle to get too, but I finally got the Torker DX on Ebay(www.ebay.com: In the searth window type in Torker Unicycle) new for $249 with shipping. I’m sooo glad that I got it, looks sleek, Its Well built and I ride it everywhere.

Good Luck!

If you want to buy a KH

Read this thread.
KH from AEBike)

Should i get the '06 or the '07 model? :thinking: