What unicycle would you get?

I was thinking about what uni id get with unlimited money. I guess it would have to be a profile wheelset, with titanium spokes, a magura brake, a summit frame, a carbon fibre seat post with suspension, and a kh gel seat. What would you get?

A beach house on Grand Caymen Island and a Ferrari.

Why would you get a summit if you had unlimited money? Titanium spokes wont make any difference if you have a summit frame, it is really heavy.

I would get a geared up 20" uni with alex trials rim and a luna tire. Then some custom frame and miyata cf seat with kinport handle. It would be a cool street uni, I mean, who hasnt wanted to ride 15mph at a stair set?:smiley:

I would like an endurance unicycle buildt by PEZ. You would just need to flip the seat back to reveal a fresh energy bar

Right, quick look at parts:

KH Carbon fibre saddle
Try All rim
Try All seatpost
Custom frame
Koxx seatclamp
Profile crankset
Monty tire
Gusset grind pedals

And a hunter frame for my coker, hopefully it arrives tommorow :roll_eyes:

!It would be nice and warm too. Almost like it was microwaved but with out the dangurous microwaves. We need to work on this.

The Kris Holm 24" Freeride I orderd:D
But I want a carbon KH sadelplate and a Magura brake on it.

litldude2 posted:
Why would you get a summit if you had unlimited money? Titanium spokes wont make any difference if you have a summit frame, it is really heavy.

I’d get the summit because it looks cool, and I’d get the titanium spokes because if i had unlimited money, I’d want to buy the most expensive thing I that I could.

Titanium frame, spokes, seat post (with suspension), and pedals.
large-marge style rim made from Titanium
26X3.7 tire
Carbon fiber seat plate
Profile hub and cranks
air seat with Reeder handle

I’d get a frame made out of cheese.

i’d want a uni built out of one large diamond for a wheel no need for spokes just a solid diamond, preferable a 36 inch with coker tire stuff made from platnium. The rest of the uni would be made out of a bunch of metals that you probably never heard of but trust me they are all really expencive and if you had the money to buy them you’d want them too.

All of them.

My dream uni…

-Try-all 19" rim powder coated white with red rim tape
-monty 2.7 tire
-profile wheelset with CF injected cranks:)
-red primo spokes
-custum titanium long neck frame(like Zach Baldwin’s)with a 2 tone paint job
-thomson elite black seatpost
-Scott Wallis CF base, handle, bumper with temperpedic foam and a rocks seat cover
-Blessed by the pope

I would get a million sun uni’s with KH seats and do a bunch of sweet drops and sets!!! And I would make it into a TV show for unicyclists. It would be called taco time, or taco express, or taco empire, you know a little something like that.

This is what i would get, if no custom parts are allowed.

Seat: CF KH gel seat
Post: Thomson (tilted maybe, hmmm…)
Clamp: 24Bicycles cock-ring
Frame: KH
Rim: Try-all
Spokes: freshy titanium ones
Hub/cranks: KH
Pedals: Brooklyn Shinburgers (not light, but cool)
Rim tape: carbon fiber tape :smiley:
Tube: some extra thick
Tyre: Try-all
Valvecap made out of diamond.

I know the rim tape and valvecap is custom, but I couldn´t resist.

If I had unlimited money, I’d buy an outta phaze. Those things are sweet