What unicycle shud i get for flatland

Yo im getting into flatland and i wanan build up a new uni thats good for it

so far im thinking:

black domina frame
koxx street cranks
shaved tryall tyre
odyssey twisted pcs
kh street saddle

what else u reckon

Ill warn you that people have been known to break the domina doing flat (ie Spencer Hochberg) , however this may not be a recurring problem.

it looks like u dont have munch of a budget so i would go with
a Koxx1 Ultra Thin Luxury Saddle, its awsome :smiley:

sik, thankz bros

what else u reckon

I would just get a black domina and be done with. Actually, I personally prefer most flat on freestyle unis, so I would actually go nimbus x freestyle, but thats just me;) . or I guess Koxx signature if you’ve got the money.

A lot of others have broken also.

Bent cranks

Where are the pics of these bent cranks

He is talking about the black domina frame breaking, which he already has pictures posted.

And video too.

Still I think we all want to see some pictures of the moments that jamie has bent (showing clearly were they are bent)

Question: What’s the difference between flatland and freestyle?

You are doing exactly what I used to do.

You just listed pretty much the parts for a black domina, which is pretty much the nicest uni for flatland, and asking us if it would make a good uni.

Here are some things you should consider when it comes to picking a flat uni.

Frames - lightweight it always nice, and it is good if they have a big crown for your foot, and minimal tire clearance.

Tires - It’s a tire, use whichever one you want.

Rims - you might as well get a wide drilled one because of less folding, but you don’t really need it if you are doing pure flat.

Cranks - You want cranks that have a lot of foot room on the axle part, the KH/Onzas and Koxx street cranks are good examples of this.

Pedals - whatever you like.

This is Freestyle : This is Flatland

The freestyle video is not a good example. I would say that in freestyle unicycling not only the level of the trick counts. The show is also 50%.
Flatland is for me pure skill and flow nothing with music or acting. But I dont know how somebody should be judged who does tricks like standup coasting or drag seat in a flatland competition.

Thanks for clearing it up:)

im planing on getting a flat uni soon, heres what i plan to get…

This unicycle with an upgraded kh seat…a carbon fiber seatbase these cranks and a tryall tire (hopefully white)

Oh, I was showing technical freestyle, performace freestyle is stupid :slight_smile:

Can someone recomend me some flat tire? i saw bald 2.5 tire in some video but where can i buy it? Should i use 2.1 tires mabay?

i think Kh or QX frame, domina frame has sharp edges on the crown, KH and QX doesnt have it but je can scufcoast on it.
My favourite crank size is 125mm


@unicroatia: www.unicycle.com my favourite is try all, becouse his round profile (easy turning)