What Unicycle Should I get?

I broke my Cotterless 24", like the shaft.

I want a 20" Splined Trials Unicycle. And my budget is around $250.

What do you guys recommend?


I think you should get the Nimbus ISIS 20". Or the Quax Crossfire 20" ISIS. Or the Torker DX20

I think you should get the Nimbus ISIS 20". or the Quax Crossfire ISIS 20". Or the Torker DX20

whopps double post sorry.

lol, my thread i made is asking which one of those three i should get

get the nimbus trials w/ isis hub


Any of them are good, but get the DX.

no he shouldn’t… He would be paying more for a heavy non isis uni, when he could pay less for a lighter ISIS uni

no buy the kh 20" trials 07

shut up guys…don’t base what uni someone should get by opinion, tell them what you think of each uni and the shortcomings so that they can choose

the DX is proven, tried and true. it is a beast of a unicycle, better than anything 95% of unicyclists will ever need. very few ppl have broken them EVER…new frame is plenty strong, you can get used to the clearance and stuff.

the crossfire is a fairly new uni and there is some contrevoursy over it. the hub should be stronger, but you may want to ask unicycle.com about that as one has broken.

the nimbus is a little unknown, but i suggest getting it if you can afford it, it looks like a lighter, beasty uni. though i doubt the hub is as strong as KH’s… cranks are interchangable for different sizes unlike the DX, the DX is a reasonable size, but a little shorter than preferrable for natural trials.

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yea, only cause 95% of unicyclists don’t ride trials or serious street.:stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: i agree with what you first sayed, give them information and let them choose.

but i don’t get why they can’t find that information themselves, and i saw somone actually get a KH for hopping off curbs because people on this forum told them to do so.

almost every thread on the DX has people complaining about it’s weight and supposedly “weak” frame, the nimbus has people complaining about counterfeit nimbus trials(it says"not meant for drops over 10" for a 150lb rider" if it’s the fake, but im not sure)

and i have never heard of the crossfire, but I have been gone for a few weeks soooo…

to throw out a few other uni’s to be considered:

Kris Holm, Koxx-one, a combo of the two(i.e. the "shameless), bedford…devils

yawn, just go look around and see what you want…

When giving advice, be sure to read the question…e.g. $250 budget


If you’re up to keeping the budget I’d say the ISIS nimbus is a good place to start. If you’re up to spending a bit more go for the QuAx 20" with the red hub (1500 model I think.) I have a 20" Qu-ax around here and its bomb proof.


The main difference between these two cycles seems to be a stronger frame on the Qu-ax as well as a thicker hub. I’ve heard a lot of fuss about the difference between the yellow and red qu-ax hubs in the past but I think they ended up being very similar if not identical.

I can’t say much for the 20" Torker DX as I’ve only ridden one for 20 mins once at a party during RAGBRAI, but the 24" is ridden by a team member on campus here and the only damage he’s been able to do is to his cranks and hub after countless 10 set stair gaps and crankgrabs. If interested in the torker maybe someone else here could offer more info on it since I dont have that :stuck_out_tongue:

The Nimbus ISIS is 254$ with shipping so id like to get that but im still not shure

I think you mean, “Which unicycle should I get?”.
That nimbus looks pretty good. I say go with it, then save up for a KH or a Shameless if you’re doing street or trials.

I want that one!


in the end I got a Quax Cross thanks for the advice:)

God you are picky :stuck_out_tongue:

no I mean wich unicycle should I get