what unicycle should i get?

I was on unicycle.com and I was wondering what unicycle is best for me. I ride my current unicycle to school(2 miles there, 2 miles back) and a lot of other long distance places. I am also a bit of a newer rider and still fall so I need something that will take the abuse. the top three that i am looking at are the nimbus titan 36", the nimbus boomerang, and the nimbus 29" touring unicycle with isis hub. Which one do you suggest?

I would suggest a 29 inch if you live in a place that has lots of hills. Plus it is a lot easer to get parts at the local bike store and the over all cost is almost 3 times less than a 36’er. They are also “easer” to mount, and store.

2nd vote for a 29’er. They are a lot of fun to ride and you can still run-out forward falls. On a 36" (which I have never ridden), your riding at higher speeds and falling from higher up.

You didn’t say what size you are currently riding. Also how far do you want to be able to ride?

Which ever one you want. Its your money.

Third vote for the nimbus 29er. The boomerang would be way too slow. It would bring a grown man to tears to ride it four miles daily. So yeah, the 29er is your best bet.

right now i am riding a torker 24" and the wheel seems to be getting damaged easily. I ride about 4 miles every week day and the 24" tires are definitely not fast enough for me so are you sure the 29" will make a big difference? Also i have a lot of crappy sidewalks in my route so which one will be better for going over big bumps? thanks for all the help!

29er is your bet bet for bumps, speed, everything basically. and it will take abuse

well then i guess i know what i’m getting for christmas. thanks, you’ve all been very helpful.

actually, one more question. I was looking at the trainer 29" for half the price and it says for intermediate riders as well. I know it’s a trainer but is there much of a difference between the too or could i save myself some serious cash?

Get the Nimbus, you will never regret it and you won’t grow out of it. It’s a good enough frame that upgrades, if and when you want them, will not be wasted money.

I looked at the Trainer and for the money its not a bad Uni. It has an aluminum rim and a standard size seat post (25.4mm). But it has steel cotterless cranks which is not the end of the world, people have been riding on conterless cranks since like forever. But ISIS is the new standard and is an upgrade in strength. On the Nimbus you are gettng a better seat, better cranks, it’s lighter by a few pounds, and it has brake bosses which lets you add brakes later if you want. Since you will be in the seat for longer and longer rides a better seat is a worthwile investment.

Save your milk money, only feed the dog every-other day, mow lawns, sell magazines door-to-door. and save your pennies and get the Nimbus.

As for distance and speed you can expect to start riding around 6-7 mph average and that will go up as you ride more without too much effort. I think some people can average like 11 or 12mph on them.

The tire that comes with the nimbus 29" is a TANK. When you buy it see if they will upgrade you to the Schwalb Big Apple for the price difference. (a phone call is the BEST way to talk to unicycle.com. emails get you the ‘official’ answer). They don’t list the Big Apple as an upgrade, so offcially they don’t offer it. But it doesn’t hurt to ask. They have done a few things for me when I’ve asked but not always.

Also keep you eye on the Trading Post forum, never know when a 29" might come up for sale.

If you do wait for Xmas don’t wait too long because last year they ran really low on a lot of unis heading up to Xmas.

don’t go with the boomerang. That may just be the worst unicyclefor touring…

I just got a 29" trainer, I’m happy with it so far but I’m a newbie of only 2 days…

You’ve been riding for a while, sounds like you’re pretty good and would benefit from the upgrade potential and strength of the Nimbus if you can manage it.

My trainer is taking the newbie abuse well- had to tighten the pedals after the first day but that’s to be expected. But when I start wanting to jump off curbs and muni, I’ll be looking for something stronger. I just don’t have the $$ for the Nimbus right now, this will keep me happy for a while.

Photo of 29" trainer attached.