What unicycle should I get next?

I am a lvl3 unicyclist and I need suggestions of the unicycle i should get next. I need a 20" good uni. I have a crappy one right now.

a freestyle one? or Trials? If you want a freestyler go for a nimbus 2, if your into trials and want one of the best 20"ers around get a KH 20" trials and your problems are over!

I want a trials uni most of all.

Hello, is anybody out there?!?

if this works there should be a link to a trials beast!

but its pretty expensive

P.S. this is like the best one


I thought you were getting a torker dx
but if money isn’t an issue get the kh or onza.

It didn’t work. It said “this page cannot be displayed”

what uni do you have. I reccomend a nimbus trials http://unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=476

or if you are better than that and are doin 1m drops or bigger then go for the onza http://unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=666


edit: I didnt see you are from america. I am not so sure about the availability over there.

Also look at your avatar and you should be covered.

arge! it didn’t work!!!

i never was good with computers!!

Anyways its on unicycle.com

ther’s a bunch of trials uni’s on ther!

i agree with squeegy… get the one on your avatar

I need a 20" good uni.


look no further. that is a great uni. course if you wanna go bigger, get the splined versioned qu-ax. here to help.

The qu-ax is a much better choice than the Nimbus trials, it’s going to last a lot longer which is what you want in a unicycle.

ahaha qu-ax (unsplinded) what a joke that is.

they have a splined Quax. don’t talk smack 'bout da quax. It’s a beast.

that one is unsplined the only thing it would be good for is free style if you put a bmx tire on it

I don't recomend a Nimbus. the cranks and hub suck. just get a qu-ax unsplined or not...it's up to you.Or buy a torker DX 06'

Your recommendations are interesting. I wonder where you have gained such great knowledge to give such certain answers?

I sell both the Nimbus and the Quax unicycles. I also have the results of tests for the Quax and the Nimbus. Both are CrMO and both are very hard compared with any other cotterless hub out there. The Nimbus though has a better flange arrangement, so makes a LOT stronger wheel.

The Nimbus comes with the aluminium cranks which have proved themselves to be very strong if fitted and maintained properly. What they do do is make the unicycle one of the lightest trials ones out there and hence better for younger riders

As for the hubs breaking… yes there have been breakages, but very very few considering the amount sold and generally when fitted with Bicycle Euro cranks and this is due to their taper being slightly different. Cranks bend way before the hub actually breaks.

As for recommendations. Compare like with like. Splined hubs are considerably stronger than non splined, if you are doing big drop offs then get one of these and not a cotterless crank hub.


You got a problem with what i say? you said that in some other post too. I gained such knowledge by working with my uncle at his bike shop (Olde World Cyclery) for like EVER! He tought me everything there is too know about certain unicycle and unicycle parts and all that. That and i know by reading what other people write. LoL.

I do apologise. This does explain your ability to make such concise comments about the construction and strength of unicycle parts. I am sorry that I even considered questioning your obviously greater experience or the blatantly extensive research that you have obviously carried out on this subject…

But seriously, there is not a straight answer to these questions. You should buy the unicycle that is appropriate to you and what you want to do with it - this is never an easy call. The Nimbus and the QuAx Cross are very similar in construction. Having sold both for over 2 years I can say that they are both excellent unicycles for what they are designed for which is beginners trials. In my books the Nimbus is the stronger and this is really only due to the hub which creates a stronger wheel.