What unicycle should i buy ?

Hi, i wanne buy a new trial unicycle, but i dont know wich one, im not yet so good at it but i can jump pretty high for my age i think. My weight is only 44kg so it dont has to be a super strong one =). any tips ?

Yes. Tell us what country you’re in, as it could affect what’s available to you. Also is your budget unlimited? If not, how much do you have to spend?

I live in belgium, my max i have available is €200 i think.

Get a Torker DX. It has a splined hub and crank set and the rest of the wheel is very good. Actualy, sorry but you may not be able to get them in Europe. Anyway, if you can the are 260 USD which is around 204 Euros + shipping and handling.

K, someone knows another i can buy maybe ?

more help plz ?

Try this one. Or, this one maybe.

I don’t think you can get very good trials for under 200 euro, but if you only weigh 44kg then the second one should do.

Should i look for this one ? http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=476

Yea, for the money the Nimbus Trials is a very good uni. But if you can stretch your funds just a bit more, then get the Nimbus Hoppley it is only £40 more and will be adequate when you get better as well.

Rock on!


There are several unicycles you could choose from, on my page (EenWiel.nl, de nederlandstalige eenwieler site) there’s this table where you can see how good unicycles are. Click here to go there.
I’ve contacted Egon about the Cross unicycles, he says if you’re under 50kg, the Cross unicycle is an excellent choice, you can take it for very high drops (under 50kg)! It is ISIS splined, so has all the advantages of splined cranks, I could go on for a while, but you can ask your questions on the site if you want to. There’s a lot of dutch and belgian riders who will help you on the EenWiel.nl forum.