what unicycle should i buy?

hey everyone,
it appears to me that what everyone has been saying is coming true. my crappy $69 torker is falling apart on me. so i plan on buying a unicycle, but i dont want to go into this alone. i need to be able to blame someone else when i break my new uni. so what kind of uni should i buy for me. im about 165#'s and im like 6’0 and i love doing trials. the biggest drop ill do is prolly like 3’ish
im looking for something that isnt a torker and that is between $150 and $300 so any help would be greatly appreciated

p.s. was that detailed enough?i dono they pump me full of ritalin and lithium its good stuff.

oh yeah i was thinkin bout getting a nimbus trials somethinorother not quite sure what its called but i know its a nimbus(its like 180 dollars)

the qu-ax is a good trials and its right at 300$. If you want to spend a bit more money go for the onza or even mor the KH wich is one of the best trials out there, but it is 467$.

If a highland mountain you inhabit, buy extreme unicycle for bunny jump skill?

the only thing i suggest is make sure youy get it cotterless and not tappered. and some strong pedals :slight_smile: cause only for 3 foot drops my tapered ones have gone to hell and my pedals are bent to.

Thanh, skill is for to extreme to jump with bunnies

sorry i mean tapered im really out of it today :frowning:

Re: what unicycle should i buy?

Buy a new KH and let me break it (this may take a while but I’m okay with that). Then you can blame me.

For Drewation (and everyone else) a sqaure taper axle and a cotterless axle are the same thing. Splined is what you want, if you can fit it into your price range. That should be your main ingredient. Beyond that, it’s more a matter of what parts you prefer.