what unicycle should i buy? torker dx wanted

hi every one.
i am thinking of buying a torker dx.
are they good or should i buy something different.
my limit is 350 Australian.
what uni could i buy instead i was maybe thinking a nimbus.?

also if any one has a trials uni that they would like to sell please tell me.
or if any one has a torker dx to sell.


the munky uni.

These are good, but all are out of your price range. If you get the Nimbus stay away from drops until you replace the hub/cranks w/ splined. Moment hub and cranks just about the best. Do that and you’ll have a VERY strong uni, and pretty light.

You can get a Torker 24" DX off e-bay for $240 US ($276 AUS) plus shipping and duty fees. It’s super strong but heavy, not a great crank length selection and some people hit the nubs (including me).

is the torker dx good quality?
because i have found one for 320 australian and free shipping.
i ride 20"
is it worth getting? :thinking:
i prefer the look of the dx than the nimbus.


i would go for a KH from AE bikes (E-mail em for ACCURATE price)
if you want a trials/street uni…

or a nimbus, and if you decide to use it for trials get the KH moment cranks and hub…

get the dx, mine has served me well so far

You can always upgrade later and dont need to get the best right now.
If however you do have the money get a KH it seems to be the best option.

thanks for the advise.
i think ill buy the torker dx because it is in my price range.
also is a KH a nimbus im not to sure.
i dont really wont a uni that is to extreme i think the DX should be fine.
any more advise welcom!:smiley:

the munky uni

a KH is not a nimbus

just get the dx to start with if you progress quickly and really get into it then you can get a Kh or koxx etc

Start with a DX then when you save enough $$$ and feel skillful enough to get a KH, Koxx or other brands that you might like. :smiley: :smiley:

i think im going to get a dx.
are there adjustable crank lengths?
if not wich length is good for me?
i think im about 5 foot 7-8inch.
also please let me know if u have a torker dx for sale .
or any trials uni for that matter.


alright so im pretty much in exactly the same position, AE bike wont ship the KH to australia, i pm’d him.

i am thinkin of getting the Nimbus actually, and the news of having an ok uni after replacing the hub is good.

where are you getting the torker from? cos that sounds rpetty awesome…