What unicycle shall i get

I am 15 years old almost 16 and i can ride a unicycle. I suppose i am not very good compared to other people but i can ride pretty well. I can hop and am learning to ride with seat out in front and ride back wards. I can jump up curbs ok and over small objects.
I would like to go into Trials riding because it looks like good fun.

Any tips


Please can somone help me to find a new unicycle :wink:

Where do you live, how much money are you willing to spend?

I live in devon (exeter) and about tops 140£

most people on here would say the torker dx. that may or may not help cuz i dont know the conversion of pounds to american money. (i think thats pounds maybe not)

you said to find a torker dx but i cant find one

The torker Dx is almost impossible to come across in this country, i did once manage to import a torker but the taxes etc. do add up. I’d suggest the Nimbus Trials, it’s in your price range, it’s a good quality unicycle, it’s easy to get hold of and it performs aswell as any trials uncycle on the market. The only drawback of it is that it is much weaker, so if you regularly do big jumps, especially if you weigh a lot, you will eventually break the hub or cranks. However, for starting out in trials i wold thoroughly reccommend it, people will probably say on here that you should save up until you can afford a splined hub unicycle, if that’s possible then maybe think about it, but if not don’t worry, get the nimbus as your first extreme uni, I know I did :smiley:

140£ might too little to buy a descent trialuni…
You shouldn’t get one without a splined hub, you’ll buy cranks and destroy hubs in no time, and then you’ll have to buy another one…

I’ld go for the qu-ax splined trials unicycle

I don’t know if i would go for the onza 2004 that are on sale at 180£, the hub sure is strong but i have had some problems with my 2004 years municycle from onza…

I’ld rather go for the 2005 model, but then it is 35£ over the quax trial unicycle…

I’ld save some more and go for the quax-trials!

Told you people would say you should save up some more :slight_smile:

Riding trials with a square tapper hub is like trowing darts in a inflatable boat! :wink:

Not a good analogy, it’s more like setting to sea in a paper boat, will do just fine for now, but you may have problems further down the line. Sorry it just annoys me in these threads when some kid states their budget and their requirements for their first decent uni and the first thing everyone else says is ‘get more money together’, that just isn’t possible alot of the time, the people who start these threads put a budget down for a reason, it does seem rather like throwing it back in their faces to say ‘sorry, that’s just not enough’.

It may be because it will be 140£ “down the drain”, or at least a fair bit of it, because it will break, and not everyone can or wants to rebuild their wheel with a splined hub…

But i concur, it is a quite stupid thing to say, and not a very nice thing to hear.

Thanks alot i will make a new thread when i need more help. thanks again swarbrim

hey thanks amanda its great to find someone from the area of devon (who unicycles). Where do you practice, I am not very good. :wink: