What unicycle-related things GRIND YOUR GEARS?

What unicycle-related things get you frustrated? Vent here!

Personally, I am really getting annoyed with searching for unicycles on craigslist/eBay/the internet and getting these stupid things.

Now, I’m not one to judge hoverboard people. Sure, they’re expensive, offer zero exercise, and are basically a Segway without a handle. But even if that’s your jam - and more power to you… they have two wheels - they aren’t unicycles!

I blame the Chinese manufacturers putting ads out on AliExpress and eBay for somehow associating the name “unicycle” with these plastic death traps.

We should all reply to the Self-Balancing-HoverBoard adds clogging up our Twitter and Instagram feeds with the hashtag #TwoWheelsDoesNotAUnicycleMake

We can also call out to people who ride them saying “hey, there’s another wheel” :smiley:

It really annoys me when people say “The Unicycle.”

I see a lot of people saying stuff like “I’d like to learn to ride the unicycle” which is incorrect grammar since it shouldn’t be a definite article in that case. It would be kind of like saying “I’d like to buy the house” instead of “I’d like to buy a house.”

I check Craig’s everyday, but filter my search to leave out all non-uni stuff. This is what I put in the search field. Feel free to use it. All you get is unicycle ads. Also check the boxes on the left for “has image” and “search titles only”

unicycle -electric -solo -scooter -airwheel -bike -bicycle -tricycle -bicycles -self -bikes -trikes

Example: http://tinyurl.com/olckaq8

I’m looking for an excuse to get an electric unicycle like Solowheel, but i can find one. Very frustrating. :angry:

Unicycling is not a talent

“You’re so talented. I don’t have the balance for that”

No, you don’t have the perseverance to learn. I busted my ass every day for 2 weeks just learning how to ride down the driveway, and everyone acts as if I was born able to ride a unicycle backwards.

Seat-seatpost interface stress/weakness with handle bars.

I love my KH t-bar, but a lot of force is being applied to the seat-post/seat interface. I’ve already broken a couple seat-posts on my 26" mUni. I think it was mentioned in another post, maybe by johnfoss, that a smart evolution of handle bars would be for them to extend from the seat-post, rather than the seat. I’ve seen some pictures of custom handle bars implementing this design. There may be a weight penalty to doing things this way, however. I currently am using a seat-post with a beefed-up bracket, as well as larger hex-diameter bolts. I sense, nevertheless, that it’s only a matter of time before things break again. This is more of a wish-list thing. Thanks to Kris and UDC and everyone else who’ve worked to address/improve this issue!

Regarding “grinding my gears”, a few times, when I was explaining a particular technique, such as one-foot riding, to a lay person, they responded with “What’s the purpose of that?” All I can think of is humorous responses:

Q: One-foot riding, what’s the purpose of that?

A: I pedal with one foot, and with the other foot I kick your ass!

A: Just in case one leg gets amputated.

A: Because the other pointless stuff on the unicycle gets boring, and I need a challenge.

I took a linguistics seminar in grad school, and the professor spent an entire class period asking us what the meaning of “the” was. No one seemed to be giving him the answer he was looking for. We were all aware of the distinction between definite and indefinite articles, but perhaps he was looking for more esoteric answers.

Here are some other examples of use of “the”:

The Arnold
The funny farm, the nut house
The electric chair
The hood

Use of “the” in the above examples, and I think in “the unicycle”, indicates the institutionalization and compartmentalization of the subject matter. This usage seems to ignore distinctions or sub-types within the subject matter, reducing the subject to a meme.

This is why I waited for the Q-Handle before getting a handlebar. However, this one comes with its own set of problems (Namely the stem’s T-section causing a permanent bruise in your thigh…)

I really do feel like all 4 production handlebars are crappy in their own way. KH looks like it’ll eventually break your seat, Nimbus is insanely complicated, Qu-Ax rubs your legs raw, and Coker lacks much adjustability.

C’mon guys, up your handlebar game!

That’s a lot deeper than I’ve gotten into it, but I’ve noted (and try to avoid using myself) “learn to play the piano/guitar/drum/saxophone/etc.” That even though, as you say, there are many distinctions and sub-types. (As a non-player, I can tell you that there are at least baritone, tenor, c melody, alto, and soprano saxes.)

It’s a puzzle figuring out when that gets used and when it doesn’t. I might have heard, or can imagine anyway, “using the slide rule” or compass or protractor. I have a book on a nearby shelf with the title, Understanding and Using the Oscilloscope. I don’t remember hearing anyone say they wanted to learn to “program the computer” or “drive the car,” nor do I expect to. But if you don’t “ride the bicycle” or “ride the motorcycle,” it seems wrong to speak about unicycling that way, even conceding that there are times when such a construction might be right.

Whether or not that has anything to do with British patterns such as “I got flu” and “I went to hospital,” which seem to us Americans to lack a necessary article, is probably a topic for another day.

The moral here might be that if you’re a person who thinks hard about usage practices and who gets frustrated and upset when they seem to violate logic, you’re in a distinct minority and will be perpetually aggravated. Language does what it wants to.

Would you object to “I’d like to learn to play the guitar” ?

I believe this is actually long established usage, and in effect reflects the skill of dealing with the class of object, rather than the triviality of an individual example.

There does seem to be some distinction in usage though, which might reflect a respect for difficult or the degree to which something is unusual. Consider

She is learning to play the violin

He is learning to drive a car

It’s confusing and quite subjective where to use a definite article but it seems to me like it shouldn’t be used with unicycles. I think that musical instruments are an exception to the rules for some strange reason.

You wouldn’t use the with any other transportation device that I can think of right now.

Learning to ride a motorcycle.
Riding a bike to school.
Performing acrobatics in an airplane.

You could use riding the motorcycle or flying the airplane if you were referring to a specific airplane or motorcycle but it’s not a definite article unless you are referring to a specific object.

If you do a quick google image search for unicycle meme most of the results use an indefinite article.

Would it be taboo to say this forum on occasion? :roll_eyes:

No, could also say the Facebook unicycle chat, on occasion.

No! Of course not.

I don’t think I’ve seen a Schlumpf hub in person yet, maybe a passing glance at one at Douthat two springs ago if that, and I try to skip past topics discussing them since I’m not in the market. But sometimes as I’m going down the list of new posts in sequence, I’ll open one that I shouldn’t by accident and notice again how not cheap, simple, fun, or easy to get Schlumpf hubs are. They appear to be the opposite of what I like about unicycles, and discussions threads about them usually aren’t much fun either.

Wrong thread?

When they’re not working properly, absolutely. When they are though, it’s pretty much unicycle heaven. Kinda like an old car that you absolutely love, but hate it for the way it treats you. Expensive, annoying, complicated, expensive, rare, fragile (at times) but incredibly fun and rewarding. On a 36er, it is nothing short of bliss.

My 36er feels nearly like Im riding a bike. Now that I am much better at it, and my foot to pedal really sticks. Does the Schlumf feel like a bike in high gear?
Juggleaddict, just curious how fast can you go now?

…so wanting one, one of these days…