What unicycle manufactures are represented at this site?

It occurred to me that all the unicycle companies must have direct factory representation here on the forums, I don’t mean customers, and I’m not including company sponsored individual posting. I’ve only notices a few of them. I know there are more and I just wasn’t paying attention. Can you add to the lists?

I expect/wonder if some companies may be incognito. Don’t be a spoiler and point out their user name.

Using the unicyclist.com links to equipment and manufactures,

These are the companies I am pretty sure about noticing active in the discussion forums:


Wallis Designs

The ones I have not noticed:
Dirt Uni,
Emory Uni,
GAP Unicycles,
Japanese Suspension Unicycle Bike,
Profile Racing,
Ridable Bicycle Replicas,
the penny-farthing home page,
the unicycle factory,
unikum Einradshop,

I expect the answer is that most all of these companies have been represented and I just didn’t specifically notice.

um… yoggi? him and xav represent koxx-one. yoggi is sponsered by them, but really he’s their chief engineer or something like that. basically he made koxx-one what it is.

Surly posts here a bit. Enough to be put on the ‘active’ list.

I think the only companies on your list with any presence here by the owners/operators of the actual company are Surly and Koxx-one. Coker have also been known to use the forums for market research.

Just because a company exists does not automatically mean it knows or cares about RSU. We’re not that important, in the grand scheme of things. I’ve probably met more unicyclists that don’t use the fora than do.


And where is Kris Holm then?
He posts more then those 2 and he makes the best unicycles.

Peter M

(QU-AX) has told me that he doesn’t like the idea of a unicycle company promoting it’s product on these forums. It can get to be almost like Spamming.
So he knows about the forums, he just chooses not to use them I would assume.

Of course, what Kris Holm does is great, and by no means is there anything wrong with posting info about new product designs, etc.

yeah, i think its good that he looks here for ideas, i think we(forum users) represent the unicyclist community pretty well as a whole, and the ideas we come up with (we, not just 1 or 2 people) are ideas that will do the unicycling community as a whole a lot of good.

I was referring to Chrashings list of companies that exist but supposedly have no forum presence (and missed Coker in his ‘confirmed’ list), which was his inquiry in the first place. If we’re giving out awards, UDC UK probably has the most consistent presence here, as monitoring the community closely allows Roger & co to design relevant products and choose riders to sponsor.


I would think RSU would be the place to hear about product needs and ideas, especially with such a wide and sparse population of unicyclist. So I’d expect that the manufactures would read these forums. I expect only a few are visible because it may compromise product plans.

Kris Holm seems to always comes across highly respected, folks like to give him information. I’m sure he doesn’t need much feedback because he is so involved with the sport, but it seems to me you can ever be too sure when it comes to the cost of developing products.

I can understand not wanting discuss products under development, after all customers can be touchy beasts, describing a product, and delivering a product is very different. Balancing expectations with creating a demand must be tricky.

I could imagine discussing in a thread a product enhancement, and someone suggest an alternative way, which blows away your latest development. Now every competitor can pick up the new idea, your new design is defective, and the readers of RSU know it.

Maybe the unicycle industry isn’t as cut throat competitive as I imagine it could be. It may be safer for designer/developers to lurk in background, or not. Ha, it must be tricky.

Actually, I’m betting it’s pretty valuable for him. To the degree he is his own product tester, there is a pretty big gap between his riding skills and the skills of the average buyer of his products. The way an electric guitar plays for Joe Satriani or Joe Pass is different than the way it plays for Joe Garageband. It’s good to understand how something works for the average user.

Factory Representation.

What about Nimbus. Roger Davies is thier designer and he post here. He does not use the forum to push his product but he does post.

Also any idea what happened to Dirt Uni. Thier site has not been active for the last few months.