What Unicycle do you want for Street tricks and stunts?

My name is Romeo. I’ve never unicycled but it looks like a lot of fun and I want to try it out, I’ve read up on some stuff, but most info is scattered around different sites. I’m interested in doing some tricks on a unicycle in a urban setting more like street skateboarding. If I was to get a unicycle, what would I want to get to suit street tricks?

Check out unicycle.com

I’d recomend a Nimbus Trials as the optimal starting street unicycle.

But because you’ve never ridden a unicycle, I’d say getting any 20" torker would be a better idea as they’re cheap. And if it turns out unicycling isn’t something you enjoy… You didn’t waste $300+ on a good unicycle.

A Torker could do a lot for you for little things, so it’s not like jumping down a 4 set of stairs would kill it. It wouldn’t last too long, but by the time it gets close you giving way you’ll know whether or not you should upgrade.

Nimbus trials with 125moments or a k1 with the street cranks. Or if your in the mood for something fancy, maybe save up some more and get a good ol’ KH short or longneck :slight_smile:

Yes most unicyclists learned on a friends cheep 20 in uni that they learned on, or they bought a cheep on and then gave it to a friend for them to learn. Basically get a super cheep 20in. If you want I have one I can give to you for the cost of shipping!

I have a friend looking to get into unicycling. Could I buy that from you, bacon?