what unicycle do u recommend for me

i have a torker cx 20 that i just learned to ride on a little under a year ago i ride every day after school up to 4 miles . I ride on the street most of the time (thats why i want the 26) but i have thought about doing some trials in the future. i was thinking about getting the torker lx 26 for graduation but dont know if i could really use it for trails and i have heard some not so great reviews that the pedals strip ect. i have a very tight budget but i could spend a little more. i could do some improvements to the lx if it would be worth it. but i would rather not spend the money on a unicycle that will break or that will not be a good chose for me. what do you recommend.

Well it depends on what you want. If you’re looking for a solid uni the LX’s are great! It’s not really meant for trials, but you could get away with doing some drops and stuff. It just wouldn’t be good for anything too high. Also I wouldn’t suggest using a 26" tire for trials. For simply street riding, and compared to the cx 20" an lx 26" would be a vast improvement. Good luck and keep riding!

It looks like you’re at a crossroads here. The lx is definitely not for trials and really not a great uni unless you’re light and not very agressive (yes, even for road riding).

If your passion is trials, get a dedicated trials uni. If you want to road ride, get an lx now and then upgrade later

point well made

thats true i just have never really done trials because ive never had a unicycle that could but i think i would really enjoy it

nimbus 20 or torker dx 20

what part of jax ya from?

Just go to unicycle.com and there are a lot of different nimbus trials unicycles to choose from. There around $300.

If you want to do trials, but have a larger tire for some speed, I would recommend the Nimbus 24" Muni with shorter cranks. This would be strong enough for trials and easier to ride roads with.

Also, I do trials on a 24 instead of a 20 because I feel it gives me more control.

I have a nimbus 24" with KH 150mm cranks and it’s great I use it for trials and trails!

you might want a 24 inch, probably nimbus. they get around pretty fast, and can be small enough to do some tricks.

I wouldnt ge the lx 26 and use it for trials. My friend has it and the axle got all messed up by trying to do big hops. i think that 20 inches are the best for trials ( highest hops) so i suggest the Torker DX 20" for about $300 on unicycle.com.

For commuting, you could still use the 20 inch, just get smaller cranks ( 137mm or less) it works good for distance and trials:)

24" MUNi with the widest tyre you can get and 125/150 dual hole cranks. 125 is great for fast road riding, and the 150 is good for hopping around (although I’m not sure you’d do really serious trials on a 24, that’s probably a long way off though if you’re just starting out).

Just my opinion, everyone is different. :slight_smile:

these 2

well i ride on side walks and side streets so i think i have decided to go with a 24 inch tire but i was wondering if you can ride a muni on the street i was looking at these 2 what do you think.


(take a look at the review on this one)

thanks for the help

If you want a unicycle for trials plus other riding you will be making a compromise whatever unicycle you are getting.

The biggest difference between the two unicycles you linked to is the rim. The wider rim on the MUni will allow you to run lower tire pressures without folding when using it for either trials or the trails.

The guy who wrote that review just sucks at riding backwards but he is right about the thin rim, heavy tire and high crown. The Duro tire on the MUni is even heavier but that is the price you pay for a 24x3.

The Nimbus MUni is good for MUni, and OK for trials and street. You could put a lighter tire on it to help with trials and on the street but it will do everything you want stock.


ok well forget the trials thing i think that is a long ways away what should i get if i just want to ride street

ok well forget the trials thing i think that is a long ways away what should i get if i just want to ride street
(are trails unicycles any good for street)

Yes you can ride a Muni on the street, I have the Nimbus 29" Muni…
Only down sides of the knobby tire

1: Sorta loud ride with LOTS of vibration
2: Not great in the wet street during a rain storm
3: Wears out FAST if your riding alot of street

I found someone willing to part with a street / XC tire “Duro Easy Ride” (Thanks again Ezas) and put that on the Muni and am now golden all around except for the slick and deep mud… I can go through as long as I dont have to turn suddenly or mount in mid mud slick…

I bet you’d have a blast on this