what uni should i get????

i really don’t know about this :thinking:
i’ve been riding for about 3 months now and my uni is a stinky begginer uni
im into offroading uni/muni/trails
what is a good uni for a begginer?
and for the price of $150-$275

torker dx?

thats what i was thinking…
should i get a 20’ or 24’
what size is better for offroad and street?

24" for MUni/trail riding
20" for trials, street

Depends which type of riding you really want to get into. You can sometimes use a 20" for MUni if you aren’t very tall, but 24" for trials and street is harder, despite Justin Koeshe’s ability.

20" for trials, street

thankx man 20" i am trials stright up:p
besides a torker dx what whould also be a good trials uni for a good price?

Go for a 24 DX and a 20 DX.

ok man

are you talking US or CAN or AUS dollars?
oh and 20’ s are way better for trials and street and 24’ and higher is for muni

im talking us dollars srry about that
aand i heard that DX’s have alot of wheel clearnce is this a bad thing?

no, thats a good thing, in case you want to put a wider tire on

DXs have a splined hub, an alex dx32 rim and now the 24" can handle (i believe) a 3.0 inch wide tire

yeah thats ok.
i dont think that they do hold up i’ll get a pic of them
and if you are going to get the dx. try get the 07 model cos there have been many cases where 06 model frames have broken
but even the 06 model is really strong.

yeah see it doesnt he much extra clearance

ohh kk
b/c someone told me that it has a big clearance on it…
guess not…
i was like outside today and my uni that i have now started to die>.<
R.I.P. unicycle:(
yea ill get a DX then

R.I.P unikidd55’s unicycle. yeah the dx’s are really good uni’s have fun with it

haha ok i will!

i would get a 20 for hopping and a 24 for crusing and trails. the dx is an awsome unicycle and i am getting one. dont go to Buy My Bikes in San Juan Capistrano, i was hopping on a lx and now they wont warrenty it :frowning: because i was doing tricks, i say let us hop!

haha dude that sucks
i bet they were like
read the fine print and its soooo small and says:no tricks and no warrenty sorry man:(

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: nooooooooooooooooooooooo it is a sad moment in my life right now:(
R.I.P. unicycle
its true 2 min ago the frame cracked!!!

R.I.P. i wont miss you those ill just miss unicycling:p

The first picture is the 07 trials dx with approximately 3 inches of clearance above the tire. the second one is the 07 muni (24’’) with under an inch.



i see i think ill get the trials uni
thanlx for those pics:D

Ya get a DX. they are really good for the price and should work well for you. i have heard of the frames snapping but i think thats fixed now.