What uni should I get? (street/trials)

before u post ANYTHING, if it’s gonna be about the useless time consuming search feature, i dont care, so u’ll be wasting ur own time :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, within a few months i’ll have a lot of money i hope, and am deifnintley gonna be getting a new uni. I’m trying (don’t have to) to stay on a budget (for the reason that I also have to buy a few other things).

What I don’t lknow is what unicycle i should get. i wanna do street and trials, right now. All i want is a unicycle that WON’T snap/broken cranks or hub from a 4 foot drop and is really good for jumping.

If you guys can give me your opinion on the best money spent option, it’d be appreciated.

my over-all budget is $500 (might not be able to do 500 until april) these are what im looking at right now.
Kris Holm 20-$500 (never really heard anything bad about this, but is anything just as good for less?)
Nimbus X Street-$390 (heard good things so far, can it do 4 foot drops?)
Torker DX-$240 (cheap, but really heavy, does that really affect anything and can it handle big stuff)
Bedford Uni w/ KH seat, cranks, and hub- $480 I think (is it anygood?)
Koxx-One Blue Berry-$475 (looks really good like the kh)

I don’t really need anything that will be like hopping off 7 sets or nothing (my rolling hops suck anyway), 4-5 at most probably, most of the stuff i’ll be doing is hopping sideways (pallets, up stairs, etc). and i wanna still be able to do a little freestyle too, but nothing spectacular)

Your replys are appreciated, Jon

I would think the Torker DX would be just fine for that…Bu any of those options seem good. But I wouldnt go for the Nimbus.

What uni do you have right now?
I went from a torker cx to a dx and i love it sooo much :smiley:
And i never think about the extra weight! :stuck_out_tongue: (but i never have used a kh or anything like that… so im not much help)

every one is like are these good? part of that is based on how ell you mantain them. but yes.all of them can take big stuff asuming they are well maintained.

thanks for the answers already guys, btw, i have a LX and am gonna sell soon for $50. im might go for the DX, but im planning on hopping high, does the weight stop that? and does the DX have a splined hub? thanks.

Yes, the DX is splined.

No, I do not think the few pounds makes any significant difference in hop height.

weight is all mental. on a meter hop it will realistically affect you less than 2 cm. probably less.

So True.

I rode the DX for a year or so more than that now, and it has never limited what I could do. That is with 6-8 foot drops, 8 sets, and who knows what else I have taken it down.

I also have the KH uni which is amazing. It feels like the KH will break cause its so light, but it wont. I also have 137mm cranks which are good for trials, but not that long so are sufficient for street.

The rest of the unis you posted are just as good, and will work greatly for both street and trials.

Thanks guys. I think i’m gonna get the DX and after 2 years or so, i might get something better. 1 last thing. are any of the DX’s parts known to break easily, and if there is, can i upgrade those?

If you ride really agressively, you may break the seatpost or any of the seat’s compenents. But that happens on most unicycles and you can replace/upgrade them all so don’t worry about that.

usually seatpost/seatbase/pedals can break. But this will happen on all unis. DX06’s had a frame problem but torker seem to be real nice about replacement for broken frames.

Btw you claim you wont do 7 sets… wait a few months and you’ll be doing 9’s :stuck_out_tongue:

btw congratulations on such an educated wot uni should i get post. And you dont mention the Nimbus Trials (with the splined hub) but thats a very good uni for not much money.

I have a dx an havent broken anything yet…just get a better seat (koxx or KH)

since im getting a $240 DX, i guess i can spend on upgrades…should i get kh or koxx seat(by seat, do u mean seat post, or just the saddle??). anything else i should/can upgrade???

Don’t worry about upgrades just yet. The seat that comes on the DX will suit you just fine for a little while.

The seat that comes on it is a Kris Holm seat, it’s just not the most comfortable. You’ll probably want to upgrade to the KH Fusion Freeride or Street Saddle.

The seatpost is also fine. If you break it, you can look into getting a better one or replacing it pretty cheap.

You can upgrade the seat base to a SW carbon fiber base as well, but really, don’t worry about it all just yet.

You’re young, but you’ll learn really quickly about money. It’s a bad idea to have the mindset that because you have money, you should spend it.

Just replace the seat. I personally think that the koxx seats are the best, but thats only because I went from a cheapo seat, to a torker seat, then to a torker seat to what I call “Sitting on paradise” (thats slang for koxx saddle)

This is what I have, you don’t have to get the leapord but it just makes it that much cooler. Although on a dx I don’t know about that…I would just get this

you have the price wrong on the blueberry its 421 base devil price(3950) plus 26 is 421. that is assuming that your ordering from renegade juggling, if not then idk the price. If you don’t get the K1 go with the DX

don’t bother upgrading the seat yet. You’ll only need to do that once you start doing SIF if you find its uncomfortable. It really depends on your hand, your bum and your shorts.

Theres no point in upgrading the seatpost for example since you might break it, but pretty much all seatposts can break. Pedals are the same and carbon fiber seatbases are great but you wont see any differences yet.

IF some parts break - then go replace them. Dont replace before it breaks. Spend the extra money (if you really have to) on getting some shin pads, a helmet and some gloves.

email AE bike about a KH, you can get it for cheaper than the Koxx.

the dx is a beast, but i did break every part on it.
seems only thing i can do to the KH is tweak the pos drilled rim.
and break the seat stiffener, but all of those break. of course, this is from 12 sets and 9’+ rolling hops. qu-ax is the most beastly uni from what i have read on the fora. very few reports of anything breaking, you should be able to go with the street uni and be fine.

I would suggest the Koxx One Blueberry. I searched around alot looking for pretty much the same thing you are. I ended up going with the Blueberry and i am not disappointed at all. It can hop incredibly well and has incredible handling. If your in the states and you want to get one though you have to use Renegade Juggling they’re the only site that will ship them to the states but thats not a big deal because they’re very friendly and easy to use.

Haha, the uni doesnt decide on how high you jump or how it handles.