What Uni Should I Buy

I need to get a new (or used) uni and I dont want to spend over $250.
Any Suggestions? I’m looking for anything that I can do street/trials on.

Aim to buy one with one wheel:)

I think with that price range, youll bearly be able to get a Torker DX off of ebay.

i don’t know much about good unicycles…but i know the torker dx is good. Its listed as 260 on unicycle.com…but if you go to one of their providers you can get it for like 220


You would be supried how many people I see riding 2 wheeled unicycles where I live in fact I have never seen any one(exsept myself) riding a 1 wheeled uni where I live.:slight_smile:

yeah there are only 20 people who have gotten it right at my school…