what uni-related things did you learn/accomplish in 06?

I only really learned one good skill: Wheelwalking! Took me about a year to finally get it down.

Along with that, I learned a bunch of other useless crap; rolling unispins, one foot riding with left foot, 360s, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t think my hop height has increased more than an inch or two.

Learned to ride around 24 of July, 2006.

5 or so mounts.
sif and sib riding.
seat in and sif jumping.
23" sif up and 24" rolling up
drops: 5ft seat in, 4 ft sif
5 ft. rolling far jump
ww and 1 ft. ww
crank and pedal grabs
180 unispin
180, 270, 360 unispin jump mount
zero plant

Probably a little more but I can’t think of it at the moment.

So can you make a short vid of you doing it and post it? It would sure help me if I could actually see it. thanks!

You should maybe update your “Still horrible at pedal grabs” under your username since you can do them now!:smiley:

riding, mounting, 32+" hops, large gaps, 180 uni spins, technical natural trials and muni, random flat land stuff

You guys have learned an awful lot this year! I learned:

side mount
backwards mount
backwards riding
1 foot idling
small rolling hops
riding down small drops (curbs and the like)

I wouldn’t say I learned muni this year, but I did muni a few times and loved it and will do more next year.

I learned in the past four months:

Riding down curbs
Rolling mount (not sure if this is what I can do… it’s a low speed running mount)
Stopping and restarting without dismounting, for stop signs

What I learned since April 15, 2006:
Riding at night
Riding down and up driveway ramps
Riding down curbs

Goals for '07
Free mount
Ride backwards
Hop up curbs
Ride SIF
Ride my Pedalo forwards and backwards
Ride down Spring Creek trail in Anadale State Park, Santa Rosa (moderate xc single track) with only a few UPD’s.

almost a 10 foot gap (rolling)… maybe by the end of the year
over 7 foot rolling sidehop
28" rolling ups …
SIF … 20" SIF hop rolling or static
one footed wheel walking
one footed riding both feet
one footed backwards left foot
one foot forwards to one foot backwards twist majigger… never seen anyone else do
getting a stick stuck in your spokes doesn’t make you fall unless you are dumb and don’t stop
acid drops
180 acid drops
1/2 flip
360 unispin(ill get it)
hickflips (iffy)
piroutte… im not that good at it though
what the heck manifesto is
crank grab
pedal grab
180 in and out of crank grab
what A 3" tire looks like and rides like on a unicycle
pedal spins
how to make grindplates
how to break a 2005 model DX frame
how to break a Velo seat and fix it
shaun Johanneson is too freaking goood
seat wraps
quadruple fifthflip or is it fifthquadruple flip … i forget(lol)

Everything pretty much, in 2k5 I could 180 unispin, grind, and hop on the wheel a bit.

Now I’m up to coasting,
1ft ww,
ww, no glide yet for some reason,
360 unispins,
360 off things,
8 sets,
bigger jumps (havn’t ever actualy measured highest or furthest),
1ft idle,
standing on crank tricks,
handrails (they still scare the crap out of me though),
180 out of grinds,
180 into crank grabs,
post hopping,
backwards riding,
sif riding and hopping,

prolly a couple other smaller things I can’t remember at four in the morning.

Nothing coasts are crazy, Ryan was showing them to me the other day. You should film yourself practicing them one day, that would be cool.

I would also like to add gliding to my list. Just learnt it this afternoon.

I learnt how to 90, 180, 270, 360 unispin
180 unispin up and down things
I can nearly glide
720 pirouete thing from pushing off a wall
1 foot ride
wierd mount where you have the seat on the ground, one foot on the pedal at the bottom and you kick up the seat and ride away sif.
body varial
ride no hand SIF
crankgrap to rubber [learnt the other day]
smallspin [not very well]
varial [not very well]
wheel walk
1 foot wheel walk
drop into a quarter pipe
ride along rails
grind down wooden things I made.
and other things.
I pretty much learnt everything I know this year, other than riding.

i lernt nothing, iv only been riding since the new year
in 2007 i have learnt 2:

  • ride forwards and backwards
  • 180 spin to riding backwards
  • 180 unispin down curbs
  • 24 inch static hop with SI
  • just over 24 inch static hop with SIF
  • ww 3 meters
  • seatwrap (not very well)
  • kick up mount
  • grinding
  • idle
  • suicide mount
  • acid mount (i think thats what its called)
  • ride SIF for a short distance
  • that thing were you let the seat fall out in front ballance then pick it back up
  • ride a 3 inch skiny
  • crankgrab to rubber
    and yesterday i dropped in on a 6ft quater pipe

which i dont thinks bad seeing as i have only been riding for just over 2 months

-koosh koosh (& standup kk)
-hand wheel walk
-coasting leg ext w/ either ft
-sideways ww & sideways glide
-5 rev handride
-270, 360, 430 uspins
-stp gliding (can’t transition yet)

-a dozen or so flip tricks
-donkey kicks & wheel flips
-dan h & xavier c style body wraps
-a bunch of flatland moves
-improved rolling hop

-perfected pedal grabs (on rails, etc)
-32 in sidehop
-eliminated corrective hops mostly
-almost ambidextrous

Overall, a highly successful year.