what uni-related things did you learn/accomplish in 06?

dang folks another year almost came and went huh? i learned a lot this year and did a few shows.

i learned
no footers
270 unispins
180 unispin on tyre
seat drags
27"hop -static
learnin sidewayss ww’s and 270 downs.

lots of stuff, but those were some of the better things. im such a noob compared to like spence. lol.

but yea what did everyone learn this year?

for me,


180 unispins
90 degree unispins onto and off of tire
leg arounds(left and right foot)
double leg arounds(only right foot)
no footers
seatdrop 180s
tire grabs
gapped an 8 set
grinded a handrail
side hop of about 22"
rolling hop of about 24"
I improved my natural trials skills alot
hopping up from a crank grab
standup wheelwalk


Johnny… you are so not a noob

Bought a 20" almost 4 months back. Greatest achievement ever.
Selling off my 24" to contribute to my Koxx hub-and-cranks fund.

Stuff I learnt
10" Hops (yea I sucked that much)
kick-up mount
one-foot riding
riding down stairs
a bit of wheelwalking
mid-air jump mounts
acid drop (is that the actual name?)

More to look forward to in 08!

Ohh man, my list would be tooo long…

Hokay here’s some random stuff I can think of:

  • Lots of little tricks and stuff, I can't remember many specifics though...
  • Rolling hopped picnic tables
  • Got better all around at everything, bigger street and trials
  • Won the National Overall Muni + Trials Championship
  • 3rd overall in Trials
  • (Barely)won the first national street comp (1st out of 4 riders!)
  • Made $500 riding trials
  • Met lots of unicyclists from around the country
  • Learned to BC wheel, and do a few things on it

I actually don’t remember much of what I have learned this year…
a bunch of flip tricks
540 unispins
bc wheel 360s
Made my hop height better for a little while
a bunch of little things like wrap combos and stuff that I really don’t want to post individually.

Ha, thanks!:slight_smile:

I learned.

How to ride.
Side Mount.
Seat In Front Hopping.
Seat In Front Riding.
Idle, not long.
Jump Mount.

Sidehop of around 20"
Hop height of around 8-10"

EDIT: Learned that EB Plates > Bedford Flange Style
Learned to ride a BC Wheel.
Skate Mount.
Controlled Stopping.
Ride down curbs.

2006 has been a banner uni (MUni mostly) year for me, having not ridden for 30 years since February, 2006!

no particular order:

backwards riding
180+ hop-twist
rolling 180 hop-twist forward/backward
seat drop/bounce
suicide mount
side mount leg around back
side mount leg around front
kick-up mount
rolling mount
backwards mount
crank to rubber
sif hopping to rubber
4’ + drops side/forward
rolling hops/gaps 4’+
tire grab
assorted picnic table & stair stuff

Still learning and hope to master soon:

180 unispin
360 hop-twist
360 spin off ledge
1 foot ww

Helluva good year!
One of the best things was/is meeting all the other cool people who love uni/MUni as much as me!:slight_smile: :roll_eyes: :p:D

I learnt pretty much everything I know besides how to ride (that was at the end of last year).

I learnt:

jump mount
side mount
leg wrap mount
double leg wrap mount
backwards mount
riding backwards
wheel walking
1 ft wheel walking
270’s (ish)
ride down stairs
ride backwards down stairs
180 unispins
90 unspins
kick-up mount
1 ft riding
high drops (6-7ftish) - high enough for me
rolling hops (6ftish)
backwards 180 rolling hops
riding rails
those foot-on-tyre varial thingies that im not sure what they are called
seat push
pedal grab to rubber
crank grab to rubber
high(er) hops
seat bounce
1ft riding backwards (kind ofish)
technical muni riding
grinding (kind ofish)

BC wheel:
skate mount
small jumps (2-3ftish)
ride up a QP
fall off

theres probably a lot more but I cant think straight right now

ooooohh…so much more than last year, that’s for sure.

crank to rubber
seat bounce/drop
180 unispin
sooooo close to ww
riding backwards
riding 1ft (either foot)
kickup mount
suicide mount/jump mount
jumping 3 pallettes/gapping like 24" (not sure)

Everything I know, minus basic riding, I learnt in 2006.

lots of little things,
double flips
other flip tricks
crank roll combos
smoothed up alot of my tricks
jumped an 11 set
learn to grind handrails
met amazing people
lots of trials and street rides
theres more but nothing else huge.
later jon A

The biggies were:
Crank climb
Wheelwalking greatly improved
180 unispins
Footplants(including landing back on the uni)
Returning to pedals after hopping on the wheel
Suicide mount(Finally. It’s not that hard, I just hadn’t tried it for at least a year)
Kick up mount.

That’s all I can think of right now.

My work on crank flips has been somewhat limited because of snow. But I’ve basically inproved on everything as well, like balance and control. Dang that’s a short list… better go ride, I still have 11 more days to bump it up.

I Got:

Riding off drops
Jumping off smaller drops
A maximum of 24 inch drop

I still remember the day I started…May 19 of '06…great day.

riding stuff:
one foot ride
one foot idle
one foot ww
little bit of gliding

trials stuff:
56" static side hop
20" static hop (up)
crank grab

street-freestyle stuff:
90 unispin
180 unispin
360 unispin
180 hoptwist
360 hoptwist
half flip
no footers
leg around

BC stuff:
jump mount
hop up and down curbs
ride up curbs
one footer
acid drop mount
hand ww about 5 yards

Please post a video of your 360 hop twist! That’s something I cannot do, and have not seen this in a video. Thanks!:smiley:

i’ll put it in my next video just for you:)

I got roll hopping onto the tops of picnic tables
no-footers off of drops and 3 sets
big drops (arround 8 feet)
360 uni-spins
uni-spins off of drops
roll hop up a four set
and double seat wraps.

Me too, my friend Dumpweed says I spin fast on my 180s, and thinks I could probably pull a 360 if I really tried for a day or two.

ya they’re not very hard to learn. You just have to commit and you’ll eventually be able to spin fast enough to nail it.

this quote pretty much summed up how I learned the 360.

I find that the biggest reason why people can do 180s, but not 360s, is because its really easy to just pivot 180 really quickly. Like you can jump, and pretty much just twist your legs and spin 180. But for 360, your whole body has to go rather than just the lower body. So it takes a lot more flow from the body and twist in the upper body. Very hard to explain. I find a 360 is a trick that will just come to you one day. Thats what happened to me.

-Kevin McMullin

35" sidehop (On a muni, just to brag)
6 and a half foot gap.
360 bigger drops than i could before
nothing coast several revs depending on the try