what uni related accomplishments have you made in '05?

this year i came a long way from where i was.

i learned:
1 fted ww’s
stand up ww’s
stand up glides
1 ft’ed glides
and i grinded my first rail about 4 times(still aint rode away)
almost landed a 360 unispin- and will have it before the yrs over…i hope

anyways what have you learned/accomplished this yr in unicyclin’?

Great thread idea!! Sounds as if you had a bonus year of progress, Chosen!

I learned quite a few things, but the ones of which I am proudest are:

left and right spins
one foot riding,
one foot idling,
Coker freemounting with either foot more than 75% of the time.

My uni accomplishments for the year:
1 foot wheel walking
spins (still need to get better at the spins)
casual Coker ride up and down Hurricane Ridge (1 mile of elevation gain and loss)
casual group Coker ride in the Chilly Hilly around Bainbridge Island

What I didn’t get to this year was an epic muni ride. I sprained my ankle near the end of the good riding season and wasn’t able to do an epic muni ride before the yucky weather set in.

Goals for next year is to learn gliding and improve on some skills like backwards circles. I have a high standard before I’ll claim that I’m able to do a skill. I need to be able to do it well before I’ll say I can do it. My backwards circles are not there yet.

well ive only been riding for about 7 months. so i learned everything i can do now this year.

Level 1-7 (except spin to the right)
seat drag
stand up ww
sideways ww
hand ww (not very good at yet)
coasting (still needs work)
some trials stuff (3 and a half foot gaps)
bc wheel
ultimate wheel
dropping in on halfpipe

Oh wow. Everything.

I learned… one footed wheel walk, gliding, one footed gliding, standup ww, standup gliding and one footed backwards as far as freestyle…

I’ve just recently learned 270 unispins, 360 unispins, 360 unispins to landing seat in, “body varial” (body spin instead of unispin) 180/180 unispins, one handed unispins seat in, wall plant (I cant do that very often though)
I 360’d a 3 stair, and can causually jump a 5 stair for once. (there arent many stairs around here to practice on)

As far as trials goes, I have improved tremendously, 26" sif sidehop height, 25" rolling hop, all around my entire trials has gotten WAY better. I can acctually do trials seat out better than I can seat in for once. I can gap further, but I havent measuered that…Last time I did it was around 5 1/2 feet. I’ve gotten better at rail riding and skinnies…

Muni, well I can ride steeper stuff than before…
I have done a few 6 foot drops…

So yeah, I did a lot, it was a productive year.

Oh, yeah, I learned how to crankgrab to rubber wayyyy back in like January '05, almost a year ago, then I learned to pedal grab to rubber, than grind, and now I can grind rails…

Well thats all I can think of, so anything else isn’t important enough to list…Pretty sure I learned how to wheel walk in '04, but I’m not sure…

i seriously got into this sport,
learned 1 foot
got a new 24" Quax
Went to my first and second organized muni meets (Northstar, CMW)
Invented a new one wheeled machine (SMD)
Learned wheelwalk
Partially learned 1-foot wheelwalk
Bought a new Trials uni
Learned Seat out front hopping and riding
Learned Seat out back
possibly invented a new mount
met a whole bunch of cool people (catboy, unicyclistben to name two)
Singlehandedly bought myself a copy of defect
completed trials line #7(i think) @ CMW.
still havent picked up any chicks doing this.

Wow. Now that i look back on this, i’ve done a lot…

Oh yeah, I bought another uni, and then a trials, then lots of uni parts, I went to Moab, I bought Defect, and have now spent more money on unicycling than I have in anything else in my whole life.

I am so proud of my measly little accomplishments but holy smokes, look what you guys can do!

Keep it up! With a generation of riders like you folks in the wings, Unicycling is going to experience a real Reniassance soon, if it isn’t already!

I think I used all my alloted exclamation points! whoops one more slipped in.

hmm, well, I learned everything I can now do except riding fowards this year so that wouls be:

+riding seat in front
+riding seat out back
+seat dragging to the back (not for very long, and can kind of turn corners now)
+Seat pushing (same as out back, not too far)
+got out of seat drag to the back twice so far
+ride backwards
+suicide mounts
+Side mounts
+free mounting
+some weird side mount from the ground (almost got it all the time now)
+90 degree jump mounts
+180 degree jump mounts

  • 180 unispins (can land them most of the time now)
    +riding seat to side
    +learnd how to long/high jump (but I suck at it ;))
    +rolling hops (not very high now, but I can do them!)
    +Riding one footed
    +Idling one footed

I think that’s about it. Heh, I learned heaps this year. I think it’s because of riding with Tony. Because Tony is GREAT! :stuck_out_tongue:

yea i started this year and ive learned so much and meet some pretty sweet people.
I passed levels 1-5
learned 180 unispins
270 unispins
and trials stuff
its been a sweet year

For me -

Got solid at unispins
Took my rolling hops to over 90cm high
I now hold the record high jump for NZ
SiF static hops now over 70cm
Rolling hopped a 9 stair
Learned to grind rails and ride away
Learnt a bajillion new mounts :stuck_out_tongue:
Rode down a steep set of 28 stairs
Rode a 5 storey high, 20cm wide wall for a video

Does deciding to brush up your 25 year old skills and teach your son how to ride count? Though we don’t actually get to start till Christmas :wink:

My greatest uni-related accomplishment was finalizing the concept and design of a shiftable fixed-gear hub system, based on the successful Purple Phaze jackshaft system, with gear range of 1.0 to 1.7 in any increment, and with no crank lash.
It may take me a couple years to get it built, but I intend to do it.

I passed level seven in April.

I have learned this year:
Stand-up ww
Stand-up ww backward
Stand-up glide
Coast in circle
Backward coast
Side ride
Transition to side ride (sort of)
Sideways wheel walk (could do last year only a little)
Forward spoke walk
One-footed forward lace walk
Pick up seat in front from seat drag
Kick up in back with heel
Pick up in back
Backward seat drag in front (sort of)
Backward seat drag in back (sort of)
270 unispin
180 body varial
Backward wheel walk seat in front (sort of)
Stand-up wheel walk seat on side (sort of)
Coasting to hand wheel walk transition
Backward one-footed wheel walk
180 spin jump mount to stand-up wheel walk backward
Climb-up mount (giraffe)
Rolling mount (giraffe)
Frog mount (giraffe, sort of)
Seat on side on giraffe
Pirouette on giraffe
Backward one-footed on giraffe
Backward seat in front on giraffe

…and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting. A lot of these tricks still need work.

yikes! that’s insane, jsm. I knew you could do a lot of stuff, but sheesh!

I’ve picked up levels 1-6 (nearly 7), five unicycles, did some MUni, gonna work on my hopping skills when the weather is less nasty, found a juggling club with a nice floor I can practice at for five hours a day three days a week, and gotten frustrated with learning seat push :q

I also knocked out a tooth using nothing but a unicycle, a quarter pipe, and a bit of rain :smiley:

I hope next year I’ll be able to post a list of stuff learned as big as you guys’.

Well, I started unicycling this summer so that would number one accomplishment for me that I have learnt to unicycle at all.

And here´s few other things I have learnt in the past 6 months.
Levels from 1 to 5.
1ft ww
Riding one footed eight figure
One- and no-footer
Seat drop
Riding backward one footed (almost learnt this one)
Ultimate wheel
BC wheel

And there´s few weeks left this year so… :wink:

P.S. Nice thread idea

I’ve ridden since the beginning of the summer 05 so these skills are all that I master.

IUF 1-4

+1ft ww (almost)
+hopping standing on wheel
+1ft idle
+hop-twist 270 R
+at least 6-7 types of mounts


+about 1.30m flat gap seat in
+1.50m drop to flat
+crank/pedal grab/climb
+roll hop to 5 pallets (about 65 cm)
+side hop to 4 pallets seat in
+hop down about 6 stair set statically
+ride down about 20 stair set (can’t find longer sets)
+about 5 seconds still stand
+seat drop 90-twist, kick-up


– Cokering: Radial 360 ------------------------------------

For me using 150 cranks on my Coker is accomplishment. Initially went to 170mm cranks to tame the beast. After upgrading to the airfoil rim, went back to 150mm. Now able to do the same hills up and down as I had with the 170’s.

Also NY city Coker rider Andy inspired me to try bank turn Cokering, the only way to fly. Great fun and looks so cool, at least when Andy does it.

– Muni: Nimbus 24" -----------------------------------------

Had two goals; to idle, and hop. I can idle well enough, but didn’t do well on hopping. Have hopped up a curb or two, but need more practice to build up my confidence.

Did however work up to going up and down steep hills in parks, an incredible work out.

I’m a Muni rider want to be who needs to work on riding rough terrain.

– Maintanace -----------------------------------------------

Rebuilt the wheel on my Coker upgrading to an airfoil. Really happy that I managed to pulled that off.

You other guys are making incredible progress, my hat goes off to you. Thank you for the inspiration.

Learnt to ride.
Bought my first, second and third unicycles and got my fourth for my birthday.
Freemounting - roll back mount with left and right foot and rolling mount with right foot. Static mount also.
Idling with left and right feet.
Started to learn backwards riding.
Distance riding - 6 miles or so but could go further if I could find a nice place to ride.
Hopping up 7cms and rolling off the curb.
Beginners MUni.
Started the North Wales Unimeets with a friend.
Played uni hockey.

Not too bad for an old one.