What uni is right for me?

anyone else notice the huge amount of “What uni is right for me?” threads. wow I remmember when people used to act on their own initiative and make their own choices.

its always the same answers too

yer its always torker lx

maybe we should make a sign?

lol yea we should have a sticky in the reviews forum saying “ALL BEGINNERS BUY A TORKER LX!”.

lol sticky note!!
mack it manditory to read when one becomes a member

I’m kinda getting tired of them too!
We should have a web page wher all the best unis for each price range posted.
I’d like to do that but i have to see if i got time. :roll_eyes:

thatd be bad

cause for the price rage up tho top, thered be a KH and the koxx

we cant say which is better or worse, it’s all just opinion.

is this not maybe that exact thing.

:open_mouth: dear god

yes dear God

I live in the States so I can’t get a Koxx (I think) so I didn’t even think of that. Of course, we could always just list both of them with the pros and cons of each.

I don’t think a manditory read would work either because If there is anyone remotely like me out there, they would just say they read it!

we should have a whole new section under gen. discussion for the three Dx vs. QU-AX threads a week.

Damn straight! But also put to get a qu-ax or dx for a second uni.

Yeah you can, division 8 has them in canada and trialsin.com has them in the US.

Or we could just tell some beginner to get a bc wheel and tell them that’s what everyone learns on… but that would be pretty mean.

How?^^ when I lend out my bc people get about 10’ in like 5-15 minutes. But then they would get like uber awsome and you’d be like “shit I should of told em to ride a normal uni”

Damn i want a BC.
or i should make one(question mark)