What uni for IUF 3+?

I’m moving on to level 3 based on the IUF skill lvls. (http://www.unicycling.org/iuf/levels/)

I’ve been using my generic 24’’ SUN uni but b/c of learning to ride/mount on it, it has kind of busted up in the past three weeks or so.

So I’m looking for a durable unicycle that I can use to get up to lvl 6 or so and that will cost me under $100. Any suggestions?

Torker LX, look on ebay to find it cheaper than UDC. But ebay doesnt always have them.

dube 24" or 20"

The LX would probably be a good choice. There aren’t really any tricks up to level six that are very stressful on your unicycle, with the exception of hopping standing on the wheel. I messed up my first unicycle, a Torker CX learning it.

Judging from the pictures, the Dube unicycles would probably not be a good choice. The saddle looks really uncomfortable, and the wheel and frame don’t appear especially strong or good for freestyle riding.

Thanks for the back up there jsm, I looked at the dube and didn’t think it “looked” that great but wasn’t sure since I’m still new to uniing.

I think I’ll pick up one of the torker lx’s I saw on ebay, thanks for the suggestions :).