what uni do you recommend?

i was looking at buying the Torker DX Muni and i wanted to know how good is it and would it be good for me i am 14 years old 6 feet tall and weigh 236 pounds so any help and recommendations will help.:smiley:

a torker is about perfect.

1: Lose weight;) Unicycling will help here.
2: Tell us what you want to do, how much money you are will to spend, and your preferances.

As of right now, I would consider the new 08 KH being release soon.

The nimbus isis with kh cranks, they come in 24 and 26in depending on what you want to do. They also offer many different crank sizes depending on what you would like to do.

The nimbus is a topnotch uni at a great price, once the cranks are upgraded they are as strong as the big boys of unicycle equipment, kh and k1. With the money you save you could pick up a good cromo post, that is if the come with an alloy one as they will break relatively easy. Maybe new pedals, or perhaps a cf seat base.

Maybe he is musle bound.

If you have 500-600$ to drop, then yes that would be an alright choise if there weren’t any other kinds of uni’s you wanted.

For about the same price you could get matching unis, a nimbus isis trials and a nimbus isis muni. I’d recommend that if you care to try trials/ street/ flat and don’t already have a good trials uni. Don’t be fooled either, the nimbus is not compromising anything, well not alot, even though it is much cheaper. One thing that really makes the kh more is the frame which is 200$, compared to 40$ for the nimbus 2.

koxx one
kris holm

Are you trying to save some money or are you okay with spending more?

That is what should decide. If you don’t mind the price, then get a Kris Holm. If you don’t quite want to spend so much, then get the Torker DX or QU-AX muni.

-Do you want to ride longer distances (XC) or will you be riding steep uphill/downhill/technical muni?

i would love to get a KH but i don’t have that kind of cash. :angry: