What tyr for 5' Giraffe?

I have bought a cheap reflex 5’ Giraffe (20" wheel) - OK for the money but I was wondering whether a bigger (fatter) tyre will help with free mounts??

If so how big? (I was thinking of the Maxxis Maxx Daddy 20" Tyre as that’s what’s on my 20" all rounder)

Any advice apreciated


Coincidence? :smiley:


Oooh, perfect. Just run it through the washer a couple times and it should fit right on that 20" rim.

I would say no, but I haven’t seen the tire that’s on there. Mostly the giraffe freemount takes a bunch of practice; no change of tire will have an effect on that. :slight_smile:

Thanks for replies

The current tyre on there is cheap & nasty 20 x 1.75 and wearing out fast, so I have to replace it anyway.

I was just checking to see if the bigger footprint of a fatter tyre would help