What trick would you like to see in SLOW MOTION?

Hey guys.

Anyone want to see a video tutorial on a specific trick? I wanna go and and do a test run of a slow motion trick tutorial. Just wondering if there is a certain trick I should start with?

Please keep your request to some of the more simple tricks. Nothing past varial flips for now.


Uni-dive from diving board into pool, head first, please. :slight_smile:

haha. I dont think my camera will do what you are envisioning justice. Although, if I can get an indoor pool to let me… sounds like fun. Might be more of an ice dive around here this time of year :wink: .

I think most any street tricks look solid in slow motion… just film a bunch and see what you like best!

A frontflip would be so awesome, lol :D.


How about your take on crankflips and doubleflips, focusing on the timing of the jump, the kick, and the pulling up on the handle.

Neither of the crankflip tutorials I’ve seen shows this very well.

360 flip :slight_smile: would be nice

Hicks would be nice.

I think many can benefit from a treflip tutorial.

+1… sounds good

I am leaning toward hicks or tres. However if there is really an interest in a new crankflip tutorial I may start there and work up.

Step 1. Do not have a girlfriend. haha.

Lol pretty brilliant.

Tre flip please. I’d say that’s the trick that a tutuorial would be the most help. Hicks and stuff you don’t let go of the uni so it’s not nearly as hard. I know a tre flip tutorial would help me.

I’d appreciate a new crankflip tutorial, or a sideways wheelwalk tutorial. I don’t know if it’s possible or worth it, but a basic grinding tutorial would be nice.

Seat Whip.

I think either a treflip or doubleflip tutorial would be most appreciated:)

I personally find Shauns tutorial on crankflipping to not explain the flick of pedals enough,

If you’d do another crankflip one that went indepth with up close slowmotion shots, that’d be amazing.

Treyflip please.

You should add a poll

simple crankflip would be cool. I want a good(er) tutorial.

Oh, and for the coolness, it’d be awesome to see a tripleflip in 500fps. or 1000fps.