What trials rim should i get?

I have a Alex dx32 and have had it for ages, I think not wide enough wich makes it fold to much. I want to order a different one from municycle.com, theres the chioce of Monty, Try-all or Kris Holm 19" rims.
I was looking to get the Kris Holm because its thae cheapest and has nipple eyelets. What do you think?

Don’t waste your money on a new rim, raise your tire pressure. Just because your tire folds doesn’t mean your equipment isn’t good enough. What it means is you’re landing gaps and drops wrong along with running too low of a tire pressure.

Says bevan with a tryall rim…

Monty, KH and your old DX32 are all pretty well the same width. The only wider one is the Try-all which is definately the best for not folding under.

The KH is the strongest as it has a deep section, hard aluminium and has eyelettes, then Dx32, then Monty and the weakest by a long way is the Try-all.


Is it the weakest because of the drilled holes?

Oh, the dx32 is 38mm wide, the kris holm is 42mm and the try all is 47 so it is a fair difference. I think the dx32 isn’t wide enough and makes the tire to round.

It is the holes and that it is not an eyeletted rim.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll get the KH.

I think the best advice was not to upgrade.
I’m rather skeptical that 0.4 cm will make much difference at all. Strength wasn’t your problem in the first place, so unless that’s a big concern, why not get the try-all so you actually solve the problem you were having in the first place?

Did you at least try raising tire pressure first, before deciding to upgrade?

That said, I don’t ride trials, so disregard everything I said above if you want.

higher air pressure, or a new tyre would probably make a better deal for the money…
My creepy crawler folds like crazy when inflated to little…

Yeah, Evan, I have a Try-All because when I was building my wheel i figured an extra $15 for a wider, lighter rim was worth it. Would I rebuild my wheel just to get it? no. I’ve also been riding the DX-32 on my muni for over a year, and have no plans of changing. I didn’t notice very much perfomance change between the dx-32 and the try-all.

The Try-All is a pretty poor rim for lots of reasons:

-it’s pinned, not welded, and the pins are pretty crappy, aswell. Before I laced and tensioned my wheel, I could fit a piece of paper from on side of the rim to the other going through the pinned joint.

-No eyelets

-drilled (some might call this a plus)

-not very good profile

-all of these add up to relatively weak rim, however it is wide and it is light.

That being said, if you insist on replacing your rim and aren’t breaking rims, the Try-All isn’t that bad. It’s satisfactory for me, but I also ride a relatively high tire pressure and do my best to feather all landings. Would I buy it again? No, but so long as I’m not breaking it, it’s adaquate and not worth replacing.

Thank you gerble for convincing me it aint worth it to replace my broken KH with a try-all.

I´m getting another KH for free instead.

I ripped a try-all rim apart before (after Shaun Miller Flatspotted it real bad) It took me about 20 minutes to seperate the pins. I thought they were pretty good. The pins are about an inch and a half long, and have rough thread to grip the rim better. Your seam may have been visible, but if you built it right I don’t think it would get any worse.

I normally wouldent get a new rim but lately i have alot of money, And I’m going to use the DX32 on a second unicycle that I’m selling.

This guy sells trials equipment…if you’re looking for an Arrow 19" mod rim and uni.com is out, he might have one. gotrials@hotmail.com