What to wear while UWing

I’ve tried Ultimate wheeling in shorts with knee high socks, in jeans, while wearing shin guards and knee guards and nothing seems to work. The closest thing I got to riding it was while I was wearing just shorts but my skin got rubbed raw. Then I tried jeans but they just sent me flying off my UW and I don’t know how to get the best results. If any of you can ride an UW and know what to wear when you ride it please help me. Thank You:D

I’ve seat dragged about 20m and haven’t had this problem, though admittedly my pedals are much further away from my tire than yours are.

To learning UW riding its good to put a slipery tape on the sides of the tire. I hope your protectors are working. I wear selfmade protectors under my pants because ordinary protectors haven’t protect my skin on the backside of my knees. I have a 28" UW

I usually wear jeans and shinguards turned inwards, so the tire rubs against the shell.