What to ride in Duathlon Race, Memphis April 4

A very convincing arguement has been made that the Unicycles need to make as big a showing as possible against the Mountain Bikers. Therefore, sounds like the Niners (and bigger) are back.

We could easily have the following categories of Uni-racers:
24" MUni (3 or 4)
29" (2 or 3)
Coker (1)

Tmornstar, Memphis Mud, Chirokid, Bugman, Greg, Charles

There are a couple still on the fence. And a couple from whom I have yet to hear.

I am riding a 24" possibly pulling the 140’s off my Summit to speed it up a bit. If there aren’t many hills, I should do fine. It doesn’t matter to me what others ride, I don’t think I would be all that competetive anyway. I am going for the chance to do something I don’t normally get to do. Some fun time with fellow Unicyclists. If I do well, that will be a bonus. If I am the only on on a 24" there is a pretty good chance I will come in first in my class. I just sent my registration in Today!:smiley:

Mostly rolling hills. 5% Kick yo boohiney hills (which we’ll all be running up anyway).

You will definately not be the Lone Ranger. [At least] Craig and Greg will be on 24" MUnis.