What to ride and where???

I currently own a Nimbus 29 and a brand new Nimbus 24 Muni… Here in my part of texas there are no real “downhill” areas to ride. Most tracks consist of flat trails with a lot of up and down sections. It’s not too bad on the 29 but where do you guys ride these 24" muni’s? It’s so slow and exhausting that I don’t really have anywhere to ride it… Do most folks find a single downhill section and ride it over and over again or push through the entire length of the trail?

Does this question make sense???

It’s all about being creative with your riding, seeing everything as a new obstacle. I’ve spent hours riding a single bench, muni is no different.

:(living on the flat lands uh?
Rocks and roots with downhill is preferred.:slight_smile:

I have found some of the best sections I walk up and ride down. If the trail is short, I will do 4 or 5 times. Luckily we have lot of muni trails here. Steep, muddy, rocky, rooty dread.

Maybe you could get a coker.(36er)